Become Legend: The JordanCon 2021 Anthology


Available for Pre-Order now through March 25th!

The Anthology will only be available for pick up at JordanCon in the Charity Auction Room.. The books will NOT be shipped. A limited number of the books will be available onsite for purchase, but are not guaranteed. Pre-ordering is the only way to ensure that you will receive a copy.

Price includes all taxes and fees but is non-refundable. Net proceeds will go to the Mayo Clinic via JordanCon Charities.

If you will not be at the con and are going to have someone else pick it up, please put their first and last name as it will appear on their badge in the Additional Information box during checkout.

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“Become Legend: The JordanCon 2020 Anthology” is now available for pre-sale. This collection contains 20 short stories all in some way addressing the theme of “Legends”, with stories from both guests and attendees of JordanCon. All proceeds of this Anthology will go towards supporting JordanCon’s 2020 charity, and copies ordered here can be picked up at the Charity Events room anytime during the convention.

Included stories by:

Terry A. Beyer, Sara T. Bond, Paige L. Christie, Amy DuBoff, P. Andrew Floyd, Clint Hall, Saki Marie Harp, Faith Hunter, David Alan Jones, Darin Kennedy, Nicole Kurtz, Ross Newberry, Raine Palmer, Carl Sailor, Morgan Smith, Sarah J. Sover, Vincent E.M. Thorn, Paige Vest, Rosemary Williams, Rebecca Wynick


Cover art by Annie Gerard, 2020 Artist Guest of Honor.
Cover layout may vary slightly from images shown here.
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