JordanCon Accessibility

JordanCon aspires to be inclusive and welcoming to any who wish to attend and will try to reasonably accommodate special limitations and needs. If you have a health issue that may require an accommodation (including those with food allergies who plan to visit our ConSuite) please contact us at as soon as possible to discuss your needs and what accommodations may be possible. 


In the interest of making possible accommodations, please know that we are a 501c4 run entirely by volunteers. The Accessibility team asks that you submit any requests for accommodation at least one month prior to the event so we can do everything possible to research and fulfill your request.


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Track Rooms & Programming

Every one of our Track Directors strives to bring you accessible and diverse content.  If you feel you may need certain seating be sure and contact the Accessibility Team prior to the Convention so we can have enough spots reserved in advance, however, please note that ALL track rooms will have designated seating throughout the room for those using mobility aids, needing to lip read, or those pushing strollers.  A companion seat will also be reserved next to each of these designated seats so you can be guaranteed to sit with at least one other family member or friend.  Please note that the seats reserved in each room are based on prior attendance numbers and guidelines for accessible seating, but if there are more people needing accessible seating than there are reserved spots JordanCon will strive to reasonably accommodate such requests given sufficient notice.

ConSuite Amenities & Accessibility

Our ConSuite offers more than just your standard hot dogs and chips.  Sadly, we don’t offer popcorn – yet!  (Sorry, Shannan).  Our ConSuite team does however offer multiple vegetarian and gluten free options at every meal and best of all everything on the menu is included with the purchase of your membership!

The ConSuite team will work to provide advanced publishing of each day’s menu for review prior to the event. If you have mobility issues or any other issue that might impact your ability to stand in line for extended periods of time during JordanCon busy meal times we will have Volunteers who can take your meal request and get a to go plate packed up for you.  Please contact Accessibility for more information or see the Accessibility or ConSuite teams at the Convention.

There will be some reserved seating inside the ConSuite for those who may have difficulty standing for extended periods – if you are in need of such seating and some is not available please let a member of our ConSuite or Accessibility Team know and we will do our best to reasonably accommodate such requests.  Another good idea is to just ask fellow Convention Attendees if they mind letting you take their seat – most of them are incredibly nice and understanding, and will happily make room for you if you let them know you need it!



Service Animals are always welcome at JordanCon!





JordanCon welcomes service animals (this is required by law and we’re generally pretty reasonable people). Please note for the safety of convention guests and your animal companion we cannot permit emotional support animals in convention spaces.

If you have need of a service animal at JordanCon we do ask you to notify our Accessibility team in advance by emailing us or using the contact form on this page. Alternatively we can be reached through the Accessibility Information desk at JordanCon.  By doing so we can make sure that both you and your companion have the necessary seating in track rooms and other common Convention areas.

We ask all our attendees to remember and recognize that service dogs are working! Please allow them to do their job and assist their human companion. If you have questions about the proper etiquette around service dogs we’ve provided a helpful link, but in general JordanCon Accessibility asks that you:

1) Do not ask why a person may have a service animal, if there are questions regarding whether an animal is permitted at JordanCon this will be handled via private discussion by JordanCon staff trained to handle such questions and the service animal’s human companion. Please do not take it upon yourself to investigate whether this animal is actually a service animal or an emotional support animal. If you have concerns about the behavior of any animal in Convention spaces please speak to a JordanCon staff member who will contact the Accessibility team. 

2) Do not try to interact with service animals – they are working! Interactions service dogs may find distracting including cooing, barking, petting, and whistling.

3) Please be polite, if someone wants to share why they have a companion animal that is their business to share, but it is not your business to ask!

Overall, we ask that Convention attendees treat our fellow attendees with fur the same or better than other Convention goers as the dog isn’t on vacation, but rather trying to concentrate on a very important task.


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