JordanCon 2021 FAQ

When will we be able to book a hotel room in the JordanCon room block?

Due to a change in management, the hotel is currently switching to a new online reservation system. A reservation link will not be available until that process is complete, but we have a block of rooms set aside for JordanCon attendees to purchase. We’re working closely with the hotel to get the registration information to you as soon as possible, and right now we’re estimating to be able to release a link by January 2021. 

If I bought a JordanCon 2020 membership, can I use it for JordanCon 2021?

Absolutely! Anyone who bought a membership for 2020 has been rolled over to the membership list for JordanCon 2021. If you bought a 2020 membership, you don’t have to do anything else. You’re all set for JordanCon 2021!

If I bought a JordanCon 2020 membership but can’t attend JordanCon 2021, can I get a refund?

We aren’t offering any refunds for JordanCon 2020 memberships, but they can be transferred. If you know someone who would like to attend in your place, email to request a transfer. If you need help finding someone who wants your membership, we’ve set up a Facebook group to help you connect with people who would be interested.

If I didn’t purchase a JordanCon 2020 membership, can I still buy one for JordanCon 2021?

Definitely! We would love to have you join us. Check out our JordanCon 2021 membership page to purchase your membership. Keep in mind that while our early bird memberships (and those rolled over from JordanCon 2020) were $65 per person, membership prices increase as we get closer to the event. The prices will increase as follows:

November 1st: $70
February 15th: $75

If you have any questions about memberships, please feel free to reach out to

What will happen to my membership if JordanCon 2021 is cancelled?

In the event that we are unable to have an in-person event in 2021, we will roll over all memberships to JordanCon 2022.

I need accommodations to be able to attend JordanCon. What should I do?

JordanCon aspires to be inclusive and welcoming to any who wish to attend and will try to reasonably accommodate special limitations and needs. If you have a health issue that may require an accommodation (including those with food allergies who plan to visit our ConSuite) please contact us at as soon as possible to discuss your needs and what accommodations may be possible.

I’m excited for JordanCon 2021, and I want to get involved. How do I do that?

We are still looking for volunteers to help out at JordanCon 2021. If you are interested in volunteering, you can check out our volunteer Facebook group and/or reach out to

As we approach the event, we will continue to update you here and on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to connect with our fantastic community.