JordanCon 2021 FAQ

July 16-18, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta, Georgia

Is JordanCon 2021 happening?

We are thrilled to confirm that we plan to host an in-person JordanCon this summer! The event will take place July 16-18, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia hotel.

I need all of the details immediately. I’m excited, and I must know now. Where can I find more information?

We are still working on plans and preparations for the July event. We will release information here and on our social media channels as it becomes available.

If you don’t have all of the details ready, why are you announcing the event now?

We know that many of you will need to make plans in order to be able to travel on the new dates and meet our safety guidelines in order to attend. We wanted to go ahead and give you the dates so you can begin to make those plans as soon as possible. In order to do that, we had to make the announcement before we could finalize all of the details of the event.

Why are you hosting an in-person event? That does not seem safe! Just wait another year!

Due to our contractual obligations, our choice was to host an event this year in the safest manner we can manage, or file for bankruptcy and accept that this will end the JordanCon organization and prohibit any future events.

Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation for the April 2021 dates?

The hotel automatically shifted all reservations in the JordanCon 2021 room block to the new event dates. If you booked any nights outside of the block, you will need to cancel or change that reservation. This includes anyone who added an extra night before or after those included in the JordanCon block. Those nights will NOT be moved automatically. Whether you were in the block or not, we recommend checking your reservation to make sure it is for the correct July dates and matches your current plans. 

If I do not already have a reservation, how do I book my hotel room?

We will share these details in a future update.

I already purchased a membership. Now what?

We will be emailing RSVPs soon to ask those who currently hold a membership whether they would like to attend the event, roll over their membership to 2022, or donate their membership to help offset the increased operating costs JordanCon is facing due to Covid-19.  Please keep an eye on your email for these RSVPs and for further information.

If you have a membership for the 2021 event, no physical ticket is sent to you in advance. Your purchase will be marked as “Pending” in your JordanCon account until the event is completed.

I had a membership ticket to the 2020 event and understand that it has been rolled over to 2021, but I also understand there is reduced capacity for 2021 based on COVID restrictions. Am I guaranteed a spot at the July event if I have paid for a membership?

We are prioritizing our work on defining the exact capacity of the event, and there is a possibility that the number of attendees that we can safely host will be fewer than the number of memberships that have already been sold. We will provide more information on this as soon as possible.

I don’t have a membership, but I would like to attend. How do I purchase a membership?

Because we will have to reduce the capacity of the event to accommodate Covid-19 precautions, we have removed memberships from our online store. We may open a wait-list or re-open registration in the future, depending on our capacity assessments.  No memberships will be sold on-site at the event.

Can I transfer my 2021 membership to a friend if I can’t attend?

Due to reduced capacity, JordanCon is not currently accepting badge transfer requests. 

What precautions are you taking to make sure attendees are safe at the event?

We will be posting our full list of precautions and rules soon, but masks will be required and we will, at the minimum, be following CDC recommendations throughout the event. Additionally, we will be requiring ALL attendees, staff, guests, and volunteers to be vaccinated (and have received their last injection no later than July 1) in order to attend. The only exceptions to this requirement will be for those who have a documented medical issue that prevents them from being able to receive the vaccine. 

This means that anyone who is not 16 or older, and therefore unable to receive the vaccine in time for the event, will not be able to attend. We will require all attendees to provide proof of vaccination prior to arriving at the event. Anyone who does not have proof of vaccination or who refuses to follow our safety protocols (which we will share in full soon) will have their badges revoked, will not receive a refund, and will not be allowed into the event space. The safety of everyone in attendance is our top priority.

What if I don’t want to get the vaccine? Can I still attend?

Unless you have a medical reason that you cannot receive the vaccine, you will not be able to attend JordanCon 2021 without proof of vaccination. This is to ensure the safety of everyone in attendance, and we cannot make exceptions.

When will you tell us more about JordanCon 2021?

We are still working hard to finalize our plans for the July event. Because of the date change and necessary Covid-19 precautions, this convention involves even more planning and work than usual. We intend to share information with all of you as soon as it is available. We will continue to update this FAQ and share information on our social media channels and through our newsletter, The Source. Those who have already purchased memberships (or who hold eternal memberships) will also receive some information that applies only to them. Please keep an eye out for emails from us. To subscribe to our email newsletter, please click here.

I have a question you didn’t answer. Who do I need to contact?

If you have a question, we ask that you submit it using this form. Keeping all of the questions in one place will allow us to ensure we don’t miss any. In most cases, we will answer these questions in future updates to the FAQ, but in cases where we feel the question is specific to that individual, we will try our best to get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

I’m excited for JordanCon 2021, and I want to get involved. How do I do that?

We are still looking for volunteers to help out at JordanCon 2021. If you are interested in volunteering, you can reach out to

As we approach the event, we will continue to update you here and on our social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit to connect with our fantastic community.

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