Hospice of Mercy – 2019 Charity of Choice

Steve Godecke became part of the JordanCon family in year one, when he arrived with his camera and asked if there was a good place to set up. He spent a decade building the audio-visual history of JordanCon, and in doing so, he became an integral part of the JordanCon experience. His years of participation, companionship, and service have helped countless people find their place in our family as well, even those who cannot be with us in person.

After a long dance with the cruelest of foes, Steve passed away days before our 2019 convention. To honor his life of service in the face of adversity, and to give back in a meaningful way to the hospice that helped ease his final days, JordanCon has chosen to direct its charitable donation this year to the Hospice of Mercy in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Tai’shar Godecke.

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