ChariTuesday – The One Where We Roll A Nat 20

ChariTuesday – The One Where We Roll A Nat 20


JordanCon is proud to announce this year’s Charity RPG guest players:
Author (and medieval scholar) Emily Leverett
Author (and biomedical mathematician) David Ekrut
Author (and multi-industry consultant) James Nettles
Author (and political activist) Christine Amsden

Read about these and all of our Guests right here!

The game takes place on Friday (4/22) at 4:00pm in Main Programming Room ‘C’!

Read below to find out how YOU can affect the outcome of the game!


And now, a word from SF Track Director Sean Hillman:

At JordanCon, everyone can hear you scream…

The Salient Station is on the deep frontier, thousands of light years from the core worlds. Every six months a replacement crew arrives to relieve a third of the station’s crew. A crew will often be kept in cold storage until needed, but they are left on a timer. If no one comes for them, the station’s MOTHER will awaken the replacements in times of danger. After all, MOTHER knows best…

Once again, JordanCon is happy to announce our Charity RPG! This year we will be bringing you three (ish) hours of gaming live, with four guests pitting their dice and heroics against the dangers of Salient Station, an isolated science lab on the edge of known space. What dangers await the characters? What strangeness lies within the bowels of Salient Station? And more important, how can you get involved?

Glad you asked. As always every dollar earned from the Charity RPG goes to JordanCon’s favorite charity, the Mayo Clinic. In years passed we have allowed folks to purchase various pieces of help or hindrance for the players and sometimes even the game master. This year, though, we are going to do it differently. You, the members, will be able to purchase a ticket to the event through our Charity team. Your $10 ticket comes with a token that allows you to affect the outcome of what is happening, either for the players or against them. We have an exciting array of options for you to choose from! Of course, you can always just donate to the game, if you wish.

More details (including a hint or three about who are players will be) will be coming soon! Stay tuned to JordanCon’s social media in the coming days!

A Perfect Partnership with Leia Powell

A Perfect Partnership with Leia Powell

JordanCon is thrilled to announce a special partnership with long-term vendor and JordanCon family member, Leia Powell!

Leia approached us about creating some incredible licensed JordanCon stained glass artwork, and we agreed this was a wonderful opportunity to see our convention represented in a unique and beautiful way. We will be posting more information closer to the event about where you can find these pieces and how to make sure you get one, but we were just too excited to wait to share the news! Start saving up now, though. As you can see from these previews of the designs, you’re definitely going to want to take a piece home with you.


For more information, please see our Attending Professionals page and scroll down to Leia Powell for her bio and an amazing interview. We can’t wait for you to see all her awesome art in just a few short weeks!

JordanCon COVID-19 Guidelines

JordanCon COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Guidelines

We’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about our Covid policies and precautions,  so we wanted to highlight that here. You can also find these policies, and a lot of other helpful information, on our JordanCon 2022 FAQ page.

To mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infection, all attendees will be required to show proof of up-to-date vaccination at badge pickup.  Updated vaccination includes one booster shot for eligible individuals.  Final vaccination dose must be administered prior to April 8, 2022.

When arriving to pick up your badge, please present your ID and either the actual vaccination card or a photo of the front and back of the card.  The name on the card must match the name on your photo ID.  Attestation of identity from a parent or legal guardian is acceptable for minors without ID.  Proof of vaccination must be provided for each attendee, regardless of age.

If vaccination is not an option for you, you may present negative results from a COVID-19 PCR test taken no earlier than April 20th.  Antigen/rapid test results are only acceptable if documented by a healthcare provider and clearly confirm identification and date of test (no earlier than April 20th).

Masks will be required in all JordanCon spaces.

All track rooms and ballrooms will use the capacity limits based on numbers provided by the hotel.

JordanCon will not sanction any room parties at the 2022 event.  Any gathering within hotel rooms or spaces will be monitored by the hotel to ensure compliance with hotel policies.

If you experience any COVID/Flu-like symptoms at any time please attempt to isolate immediately and do not enter any convention spaces.

JordanCon is offering onsite COVID testing at no cost. Two tests will be given: a rapid test via nasal swab and an antigen test via saliva. Anyone passing the rapid test will be given a wristband by the testing agency that they can present at registration in lieu of vaccination records. The results of the antigen test will be sent to you via email. JordanCon will not be informed of your results unless you choose to disclose them to us. The first test for each person at the event is free, but additional testing is available at a cost of $25 per person. Exact hours for testing will be posted later, but you can expect it to be available Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and Saturday morning. Testing is not required for those showing proof of updated vaccination.

If you learn you are positive for COVID-19 up to one week after visiting any JordanCon spaces, please contact and

Presentation of any falsified documents will result in a permanent ban from JordanCon and will be reported to local authorities per CDC guidelines.

We will continue to update this policy as needed, and it will be posted in the JordanCon 2022 FAQ. If you require any special accommodations, please contact for assistance.

ChariTuesday – Ready, Set, BID!

ChariTuesday – Ready, Set, BID!

A message from our Director of Charity Events, Jeff “Hopper” Bernard:

Already this year, we’ve seen quite a bit of interest in the Charity Auction. We have some amazing items so far and are expecting quite a bit more. The profound interest you all have shown is extremely appreciated and we have noticed the many requests for access to our auction at

Last year JordanCon used to help maintain social distancing and avoid all the touchy-feely aspects of using paper bid sheets. Based on our experience with this online bidding system and how much it streamlined everything, we’ve decided to continue using it this year. It is important to note, though, that access is only available for JordanCon Members who are physically on site.

We have started accepting access requests to the Charity Auction by checking names against the current membership list.  If you have tried to join the auction, but have not been accepted, or have any questions about the process, please come see us on Friday or Saturday at the convention. Just show us your Badge and we’ll be able to help you in less than 5 minutes.

If you won’t be attending, I am truly sorry, but we will not be accepting your request to join the auction. We understand there may be some disappointment for those who won’t be in attendance, but we’ve had extensive internal conversations about this, and we simply do not have the infrastructure to manage all the shipping required to open the Charity Auction to others. Maybe some day we’ll be able to open our auction to a more widespread audience, but unfortunately, we’re not there yet.

We have, in the past, had attending members who are willing to bid and pay on the behalf of people who could not attend.  If you would like to take this route, I strongly recommend that you only work with someone you know and trust. We have no problems with this, but JordanCon will not be responsible for any portion of the transaction outside of accepting the payment on site and handing the items over to the winning bidder.

For those of you who will be attending JordanCon later this month (OMG it’s this month!!!!), we can’t wait to see you.

Why wait? Meet our 2022 guests now!

Why wait? Meet our 2022 guests now!

Not to toot our own Horn of Valere, but every year JordanCon brings you some pretty amazing guests. Well, 2022 will be no exception. To make sure you’re prepared for all of the wonderful talents, our very own JordanCon experts—Thom DeSimone and Aleena Jack—have put together some amazing interviews for your viewing pleasure.

How can you watch these?

Well, there are several on our YouTube channel right now. You can click this link and see our interview with 2022 Author Guest of Honor Faith Hunter as well as many others.

But wait, there’s more! Quite a few more, in fact. And we’ll be releasing them in waves all the way up until con! So subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page, follow our Instagram, and find us on Twitter to get each and every interview update as they happen!

If you don’t do social media, check out the featured guest pages on our site to read more about each guest and see the videos of their interviews on their pages as they’re uploaded.

And if you like these interviews, please let us know here, or at any of the links listed above, and tell us if you’d like us to continue these in years to come.

See you all in April!


New Member Monday: Volunteering

New Member Monday: Volunteering

A con is nothing without volunteers, and Jordancon is no different. Volunteers are part of what makes the con run so smoothly, and you can be one.  I know what you are thinking. “If I volunteer I will miss out on all the fun stuff?” But guess what… You won’t!!

Volunteer shifts are only 90 minutes (the length of a panel). Plus, volunteer sign-up doesn’t start until 3 days AFTER the schedule for JordanCon is released.  This gives you a chance to look over the schedule, decide which panels you just can’t miss, and when you have time to volunteer.

Now you may be wondering, “What can I even volunteer for? It is my first time at Jordancon.” Well volunteering is a great way to meet people and get a real feel for the Con. 

You can volunteer to help with the Art Show, the ConSuite (It’s back y’all!!!), Registration, New Member Services (with me, yay!), the JordanCon Store, or be on standby for your selected period of time.

And there are other perks besides getting to meet people! You get an awesome ribbon (or badge swag, as I like to call it). You also get to participate in an exclusive raffle for some pretty cool items. (I won two Wheel of Time graphic novels.)

Important things to remember:

  • Volunteer shifts are only 90 minutes each
  • You get to choose when and where you volunteer
  • You can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you like
  • You get a ribbon
  • You get to participate in an exclusive raffle
  • Check the JordanCon Schedule to figure out when you can volunteer

And most importantly:

You can volunteer AND have a great time at JordanCon!

Keep an eye out for more information about volunteering. Have questions about volunteering you need an answer to right now? Email us at 

See ya’ next time!

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