New Member Monday: Charity Auction

New Member Monday: Charity Auction

Welcome to our New Member Monday post! We here at New Member Services want to let all those first-timers to JordanCon know about some of the things we have at the Con that you might want to know about. This week, we want to fill you in on our Charity Auction!!

As you may or may not know, JordanCon isn’t just an awesome Con featuring a lot of awesome Fantasy themed events and panels. JordanCon is also a 501C4 charity organization. One of the ways we achieve and maintain this status is through our excellent Charity Auction. 

It is a silent auction that begins accepting items for bid on Friday at the start of the Con. The auction itself runs all day on Saturday until that evening. On Sunday, all the winners will be able to come and pick up the item(s) that they have won! With it being a silent auction, you and other Congoers can come by and bid on the many great, and sometimes one of a kind, pieces that are donated each year at your leisure.

All of the proceeds from the Auction go to charity. You might be asking yourself, which charity does JordanCon give to? Usually, the proceeds are given to the Mayo Clinic to be used for research to treat Amyloidosis. In case you’re not aware, Amyloidosis is the disease that took the life of Robert Jordan. 

We have also given to other charities on special occasions, such as after the death of our beloved Steve Godecke. Steve was very active in the Con for many years and unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. That year we gave the proceeds to the Hospice care that took care of Steve in his final days. 

With all this said, when you get to JordanCon, please take the time to come to the Silent Auction room and say hello to the Charity Auction staff and all of our great volunteers and see what great things we have up for bids!

New Member Mondays

New Member Mondays

Will JordanCon 2020 be your first time attending? If so, let me be the first to welcome you home. As you will soon find out, we are more than a con, we are a family.

Whether you are new to Cons or just new to JordanCon, there is a lot of information to soak up. In the hopes of making that process a little easier, the New Member Services team will be presenting a series of informational posts called New Member Monday. These posts will cover:

  • How to Enter the Costume Contest
  • Workshops & How to Sign Up
  • The Awesome Saturday Night Dance Party
  • The Amazing Art Show
  • The Charity Auction
  • How to Volunteer
  • The Gaming Track
  • Spoiler Free Panels
  • Ribbons, Tiaras, and Kilts

We will also be answering any questions y’all have. Feel free to submit your questions to us via email at, or message me (Ebony Adomanis), Brandon Word, or Arthur Gibson.


Shenangians: Tiaras & Kilts

Shenangians: Tiaras & Kilts

Shenanigans is a word you will often hear associated with JordanCon. Shenanigans come in all shapes and forms: from tiaras to reenactments of famous paintings, to CouchCon. Today we are talking about tiaras and kilts.

Something you will surely notice is a number of people sporting tiaras of various shapes and sizes. Tiaras have become a bit of a tradition at JordanCon. Now I am sure you are asking yourself, “How did that happen?” Well after a little research, I discovered this tradition started with our very own con chair extraordinaire, Jennifer Liang.

JordanCon 5 hosted DeepSouthCon. Jenn wanted to run for president of the Southern Fandom. Her husband (and co-chair), Jimmy, was skeptical of Jenn’s determination when it came to this endeavor. As a result of his doubt, he foolishly promised her a tiara and sash if she won. Of course, Jenn won and Jimmy did, indeed, keep his promise. But how did this one tiara grow into a JordanCon tradition?

In 2017 Lisa Waldron Sommerfield talked about her talk show, Loose Poodle, where they do a segment called “Tiara Time.” Basically she and her friends wear tiaras and make drink recipes (which is right up JordanCon’s alley).  She suggested, via the JordanCon Facebook group, that people wear tiaras and do shots of Tequila. This idea evolved into people wearing their tiaras on the Friday of the Con for a photo op, and “Tiara Time” at JordanCon was officially born. Tiara Time on Friday then grew into “Tiara Time, All the Time” for many con-goers. We still do the photo on Friday. Tequila is optional.

While all this was going on, there was a contingent of the con that could be found occasionally wearing kilts because, as Ross Newberry so eloquently put it, “Breezy.”  About three years ago there was an informal discussion and the undue influence of the movie Mean Girls, and it was decided that “On Friday we wear kilts.”

Any JordanConer, first-timer or veteran, is welcome to participate in Tiara Time and/or the wearing of kilts. In fact, it is encouraged. But don’t worry. If Tiaras and/or Kilts aren’t your thing, there are many more shenanigans waiting for you at JordanCon.

It’s Official! Production Has Begun!

It’s Official! Production Has Begun!

We knew it was coming, but it’s a completely different thing to see it in action! For today’s #WOTWednesday, The Wheel of Time on Prime Twitter page shared snippets of the cast reading the script for the first episode. It’s fantastic, and we’re so excited to get our first peek at the cast reading as their characters. Check out the full video below, then join us here in the comments, and over on our Facebook and Twitter pages to discuss the news!


New Member Services Team: We are here for you!

There are many things that make JordanCon unique, and one of those things is the New Member Services Team. Never heard of it? Well, it is a good thing you are reading this post because we are going to tell you all about it.

The New Member Services team is here for you, our 1st timers. We answer questions, provide resources, and (most importantly) hand out ribbons specifically for our first-time attendees. 

Our team is made up of three members, Ebony Adomanis, Brandon Word, and Arthur Gibson. We are available in the JordanCon group to answer all your newbie questions. Feel free to tag us in a post, message one of us, or email us at

Along with answering your “before con” questions, we are on-site to help make your first time at JordanCon the best experience possible. We provide all of our first-time attendees with a special ribbon to be placed on your badge and a New Member Guide to help answer any questions you may have. We also give tours of the venue on Thursday and Friday to help attendees find their way around. New at JordanCon 2020, we will be holding New Member Q and A sessions.

Aside from that, we are always around to answer questions. We can also help you find places or people, and we’ll be there so you always have someone to hang out with.

So don’t be shy. Reach out to us anytime about anything (JordanCon related), and we will be happy to help.

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