Looking Forward In a Month of Looking Back

February is Black History Month, offering us a chance to examine the contributions and struggles of African-Americans to the American and indeed world historical record. "Struggle" and "Contribution" are accurate if badly understated descriptions of the journey the...

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The Black Prism Read Along: Chapters 10-12

You read that right! We're getting THREE chapters this time and, guess what? THEY'RE ALL ABOUT KIP! Chapter 10 Alright, Kip made it to the Orange Grove and collapsed and we have him waking up, here. A little time has passed, but no one has come after him. From on top...

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The Black Prism Read Along: Chapters 8-9

Chapter 8 KIP again! I feel a bit like a yo-yo, here! So, Isa and Ram are dead, Sanson and Kip are not. Sanson bolts off and runs towards the village. Kip distracts the soliders from Sanson by running the other way. Of course they see him and give chase, at least, two...

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Fear is the Little Death

It might seem logical that readers who enjoy fantasy would enjoy science fiction as well, since they are put together in most books stores for a reason. One is just a mirror of the other, with magic or technology being the primary difference in the two genres. They...

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Lightbringer Read-along: Chapters 6-

Chapter 5- I get the feeling I'm going to say this a lot, but, WITH KIP! He's made it to the bridge (remember he was going there to warn his friends before the army got there and either killed them or took them as slaves). Naturally, his friends don't believe him....

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Weirdsday Blog: Time to Get The Fandom On

After a few weeks away charging our proton guns and psionic powers, the Weirdsday Blog is back. We hope the holidays, however you celebrate them, were good ones. Now it is time to dive into our preview of the the Science Fiction track for 2019. First of course, our...

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Meet the Artist: Angela Sasser

www.angelasasser.com Angela is the author of "Angelic Visions: Create Fantasy Art Angels With Watercolor, Ink and Colored Pencil" and an alumni of the University of West Georgia and the Savannah College of Art and Design. She works in many mediums, including...

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JordanCon Anthology

The stories for the inaugural JordanCon Anthology have been chosen and our incredible Artist Guest of Honor Dan dos Santos has created some beautiful cover art for the book. Best of all, the collection is now available for purchase! While there will be a few copies...

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The Black Prism Read Along: Chapters 4-5

Chapter 4 We're back to Kip here! He's made it back to town to warn everyone about the impending doom of an attack from the army sent by the King (remember that? A few chapters back?). He goes straight to Master Danavis, which I find interesting. He doesn't warn his...

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