Brent Weeks Charity Auction Donation

Here’s your chance to become a character in an upcoming novel by New York Times Bestselling author, and 2019 JordanCon Guest of Honor Brent Weeks! Brent has very kindly donated the rights to name a minor character in one of his upcoming works. The stunning conclusion...

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Black Prism Read Along, Chapters 14-16

Chapter 14 - Kip Wow, this chapter was a doosie! We have Kip and Sanson, who were floating down the river and got to the bridge that crossed it to connect a small island full of animals to the mainland. There was a drafter there with his apprentice and, already, the...

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JordanCon Fit Challenges

Join the JordanCon Fit Family and keep staying active throughout the weekend (and beyond!) Let's start with a Con Weekend Step Challenge. Follow the steps below to link up with us so you can participate in our challenges. Step 1 Create a Strava account and join the...

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JordanCon Culture Guide

JordanCon Family When you attend JordanCon, you are not just going to an event. You are joining a community. The event lasts three days, but the bonds that are formed are ongoing. We stay in touch year-round via social media and informal meet-ups. Our family has shown...

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Mad Tea Party

Fancy a cuppa? Big hats encouraged, love of tea is a must - join us for the first ever JordanCon Mad Tea Party! Sign up now for this special event, scheduled for Friday, April 26 at 11:30 a.m. That's right.. shenanigans start even BEFORE opening ceremonies this year....

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The Joys of Discomfort. T – 3 Weeks-ish

There are only three weeks and change to go now and of course the SciFi Track is prepping for the final few weeks. Time for some details on what we will be doing at JordanCon 2019! Plus, I want to talk about getting out of our comfort zones. Is this how your crew...

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Women of the WoT’Mere

In honor of International Women's Day, JordanCon is proud to announce our Women of the WoT'Mere Fan Favorites Contest! The first ever bracket is set. We tallied your nominations and used your input to create match-ups for 16 of the most amazing female characters from...

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The Black Prism Read Along- Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Gavin is escorting Karris to Tyrea in this chapter. Before I start discussing what happened, here, let me say that I am torn at whether or not I should like Gavin or not. Yeah, according to the back of the book and the amount of time dedicated to him, he’s...

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