The Wheel of Time TV Show

We’ve all been waiting an incredibly long time to see a version of our beloved series on screen, whether big or small, and after so many years without much progress, it’s been incredible to be getting constant updates from showrunner Rafe Judkins via Twitter and his...

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Weirdsday Blog: SF Horror Week 3

Where we talk about SF Horror Tropes and give our impressions of Ancillary Justice Chapters 1 and 2. Trope or Treat Everyone loves tropes, don't they? Okay, perhaps everyone is a bit of an exaggeration. Tropes are fun touchstones that when done well add a familiar...

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Weirdsday Blog: SF Horror Month Week 2

Science Fiction and horror have always been linked together. From the very beginning in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus to Jeff Vandermeer's Annihilation,  the two genres mesh very well. Especially when science and the consequences of science can...

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Weirdsday Blog: SF Horror Month Week 1

This week we have a fun topic and an update on the Ancillary Justice Read Along. So sit back and get ready SF Horror Month on the Weirdsday Blog! Let’s Talk Horror and Science Fiction All this month we will be showcasing Science Fiction that has elements of horror (or...

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Weirdsday Blog: Widening The Menu

JordanCon strives to be an inclusive experience for its membership. We work hard to make people of all kinds feel welcome and wanted within our great community. Since I came on board as director of the Science Fiction track, I have made a diversity of content part of...

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Weirdsday Blog: For Science!

"Political Science IS a science!" ~Me @ every panel on science. Rivets & Robotology Science is a fundamental aspect of the genre of science fiction, although its application is often invisible and its effect subtle. From the earliest beginnings in Frankenstein to...

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Weirdsday Blog: The Return

Testing… Testing… is this thing on?  Rivets & Robots to JordanCon and non-JordanCon people… no that stinks. No one talks like that. Hey you potential lovers of science fiction!... no… (watches more Lindsay Ellis) People of the EARTH! Welcome to the first Weirdsday...

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#JConIRL Photo Contest

Introducing #JConIRL, our new social media photo contest that captures loyal JordanCon-goers in your natural habitat and gives you a chance to win some sweet JordanCon swag.

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