JordanCon 2022 Anthology Is Now Open For Submissions

JordanCon is excited to announce that for JordanCon 2022 (April 22-24, 2022), in partnership with numerous of our professional guests, we will be compiling a printed third anthology of short stories. These will be sold at JordanCon 2022, and thenafter available from Amazon, to help support our charity fundraising for the convention charity that year. What’s more, these stories will be written by JordanCon members and guests! Which members? Well, that is what we are about to find out because submissions are now open!

Eligibility to Submit

Submissions are open to any person who has attended JordanCon and not been a guest or published in the 2021 (last year’s) Anthology. If you wish to submit and are a prior guest, or you were in the 2021 anthology, please contact for instructions on how to submit as a “Prior Guest”.

Submission Guidelines

The JordanCon 2022 Anthology is now accepting submissions. To submit, please follow the link at the bottom of this page. Please also carefully read our submission guidelines.

The theme of the JordanCon 2020 Anthology is “Neither Beginnings nor Endings.” We are looking for stories that in some way play with the idea loops, cycles, or patterns. Examples could be recurring prophecy, generational power or curses, old stories returning, or reincarnation. This list is not exhaustive, and we appreciate creativity, but a loop/cycle/pattern needs to central to the story.

Stories must also be “Science Fiction, Fantasy, or Horror,” meaning that they must contain elements of one or more of these genres, and those elements must be somehow critical to the story.

We are primarily looking for short stories up to 7500 words in length. We are also potentially looking for a novella to include in the collection, up to 20,000 words in length. When you submit, please indicate if you are submitting to be considered for one of the short story slots, or the singular novella slot.

While you may submit one short story and one novella each, only a maximum of one story per author will be chosen for inclusion in the anthology. Please, only one of each type of submission per author.

All submissions must be in .docx or .rtf format.

All submissions must be original works. We are not looking for reprints from non-guests in this submission process. We will be asking for first print and digital rights and non-exclusive rights to print and digital of your accepted story as part of any future printings of the 2022 Anthology (e.g., continuous sales on Amazon).

All submissions must be in a manuscript format. Generally speaking, that means:

  • Size 12 font, either courier new or times new roman
  • Double spaced, 1-inch margins, and a half-inch indent at the start of each new paragraph
  • No extra spaces between paragraphs.
  • Author’s name and the work’s title in the header of each page after the first. Page number in the footer of every page.
  • The first page should start with the title, then the author’s name on the next line, then a blank line, then the text of the story.
  • Italics and bolds can use your word processor’s formatting. You do not need to do underlines for italics, etc.

Submissions are due August 30, 2021.

Authors selected for inclusion in the JordanCon 2022 Anthology will receive the following:

  • A US $50 honorarium for a short story, a US $100 honorarium for a novella.
  • A complimentary copy of the 2022 Anthology, mailed to you if you cannot attend JordanCon 2022.
  • Two rounds of professional editing service, as well as professional copy-editing provided by past guest editors of JordanCon.

To submit, simply fill out this google form: SUBMIT HERE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the editor, Richard Fife, at

Writers Track Slush and Workshop Submissions!

Writers Track Slush and Workshop Submissions!

The Writers Track has opened submissions for our annual Friday Night Workshop and the JordanCon’s Got Slush panel. Details for each below!

Friday Night Workshop (Virtual)

Because we are still social distancing, we are taking this year’s Friday Night workshop 100% online. We will use Zoom and make use of Breakout Rooms to give each critique group the ability to do their thing. We are not restricting who can attend the workshop, but we do have limited space (presently at 20 attendees but might expand). We are doing sign-ups first come, first serve. And be sure your work is ready to go when you submit, because resubmitting/revisions sends you to the back of the line. The form will be open until July 1 or it fills up. 1000 word max on submitted pieces, please.

  1. Go here to submit your work. READ ALL THE RULES CAREFULLY! (ahem)
  2. On July 11, you will be sent a zoom link for the workshop as well as PDFs of the submitted work for your group. Advanced reading is not required, but always encouraged.
  3. At 8:15 pm EST on July 16, the zoom will open. A Writers Track facilitator will be the host and will assign groups to their designated breakrooms. Please sign on promptly.
  4. Each attendee will get “the spotlight” for roughly 30 minutes, where they will read their work aloud as everyone follows along, and then receive professional and peer critique.
  5. Once all the attendees (up to four max in a group) have gone, the workshop is over and you can sign off. YAY!

JordanCon’s Got Slush! (In person)

Saturday July 17th, at 11:30 am (subject to change, check the final schedule!), we will have the return of a special panel where you can have the opening pages of your novel read anonymously, then get immediate feedback from publishing professionals on their impression of your opening. Please only one submission per attendee, and only the first 600 words. Submissions will be read by a moderator while the panelists follow along on their own printed copies. Please do not include your name on the submission document, but do include the title. Please also include the genre and the length of the full work. Submissions should be in .pdf, .docx, or .rtf format.

Again, this doesn’t have to be a finished work, so if it isn’t, estimate what the full word count would be if it were to be finished.

Deadline to submit is July 1. All selections for the panel will be randomly selected from the submissions. Please have submissions double-spaced and in an easy-to-read font with ample margins for potential jotted down notes.

Submit here.

Slush, Workshops, and Karaoke in 2020!

Slush, Workshops, and Karaoke in 2020!

Your friendly Richard Fife here with some announcements for one and all!

Karaoke All-Stars!

The submission form for Karaoke All-Stars is now live. Sign up here! The rules are on the form, but to belabor the point:

  1. You may sing whatever you want, but keep it PG-13.
  2. Groups are allowed, but you can only sing once in the contest.
  3. There is only 1 grand prize, a set of Talent Pipes. And bragging rights about being the best.
  4. Your performance must be under 5 minutes.
  5. Costumes and alternate lyrics are allowed, dare I say, encouraged!

Karaoke All-Stars will take place from 8:30-9:30 pm on Friday night, followed by general Karaoke. See you all there!

“Writers Workshop” and “JordanCon’s Got Slush” Submissions Open!

The submission forms for JordanCon’s Got Slush and the JordanCon Writers Workshop are now open. Those links take you to pages about those events, or to be efficient, you can go to the submission forms here:

2020 JordanCon’s Got Slush Submissions

2020 JordanCon Writers Workshop Submissions

The JordanCon 2020 Anthology is open for Submissions

The JordanCon 2020 Anthology is open for Submissions

See those smiling faces? Those are all of the attending authors, both guest and attendee, that were part of the JordanCon 2019 Anthology: You Want Stories? And thanks to our attendees’ amazing support, we get to do it again!

That’s right! The JordanCon 2020 Anthology is now open for submissions! Deadline is August 26, 2019, and this year, we have a theme: Legends! For all the juicy details, check out the 2020 Anthology page.

I cannot express how amazing, awed, and humbled I am for the response we had and the amazing talent this convention has. I look forward eagerly to being buried under submissions and finding the right stories for this year’s anthology.

Thank you all, and keep an eye on this space and the social media for updates and announcements!

-Richard Fife
Writers Track

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