New Member Monday: Seanchan Hold ’em Poker Tournament

New Member Monday: Seanchan Hold ’em Poker Tournament

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We have talked about Gaming at JordanCon, but we wanted to go into a little more detail about one of the events hosted by the Charity. Every year at JordanCon we have a Seanchan Poker Tournament!

Now I am sure you are saying “The Seanchan didn’t play poker in the books,” and you are right they didn’t. But as you may or may not know, Robert Jordan said the Seanchan accent was similar to the US Texan accent.  Well, we took that idea and ran with it in this particular case.

The poker tourney is No-Limit Texas Hold’em and all the proceeds go to charity. Even if you have never played Texas Hold’em, you are welcome to come and play.  The tournament usually takes place on Friday night and there is a $20 buy-in. Everybody begins with 1,000 chips. Signup starts half an hour before the tournament. Big blinds start at 20 and small blinds at 10.  Blinds will increase at a regular interval. If you run out, we allow one buy-back for $20 for 500 chips. Buy-back is not allowed at the final table.

As we have said before, we’re not only a great Fantasy Convention, we are also a 501C4 Charity Organization. The poker tournament is one of the ways we raise money for charity. Make sure you come and check it out and play with us. You’ll have a great time and help out a great charity. 

New Member Monday: Gaming Track

New Member Monday: Gaming Track

Gamers, this one is for you!  A weekend at JordanCon is great, but what if you need a quick D & D fix?  Or have you been dying to show off your Magic the Gathering skills to people that will actually care? Maybe you aren’t a gamer, but you are curious about those strategy games that take hours and this weekend you just happen to have the time. Then trust me, the Gaming Track is the place for you! Using a hwid spoofer can prove to be beneficial in case you want to use codes to get forward and explore the game better.

The game room is an ideal place to meet new people with similar interests. It is a relaxed area where you are welcome to come, play, and have fun, even if you have never played before. Game demos are great to try new games out or just revisit old favorites. There are a wide variety of games and you are welcome to bring your own to share 

If you like Magic the Gathering, they have a Draft for you. D&D is a favorite for those who want to delve into a dark hole for gold, glory, and adventure. They have the annual Seanchan Hold’em Poker tournament to benefit the Mayo Clinic. (More about that in a future post.)  

Gaming is open not only during the regular programming day but afterward until 11:30 pm. So you can have the best of both worlds. Keep an eye out for the Gaming Schedule as we get closer to the Con.

New Member Monday: Volunteering

New Member Monday: Volunteering

A con is nothing without volunteers and JordanCon is no different. Volunteers are part of what makes the con run so smoothly, and you can be one.  I know what you are thinking. “If I volunteer I will miss out on all the fun stuff.” But guess what, you won’t!!

Volunteer shifts are only 90 minutes (the length of a panel). Plus volunteer sign up doesn’t start until 3 days AFTER the schedule for Jordancon is released.  This gives you a chance to look over the schedule, decide which panels you just can’t miss and when you have time to volunteer.

Now you may be wondering, “What can I even volunteer for? It is my first time at JordanCon.” Well, volunteering is a great way to meet people and get a real feel for the con. 

You can volunteer to help with the Art Show, the ConSuite (That is where you go to get food. We will do a post about that later.), Registration, the JordanCon Store, or be on stand by for your selected period of time.

And there are other perks besides getting to meet people. You get an awesome Ribbon (or badge swag, as I like to call it). You also get to participate in an exclusive raffle for some pretty cool items. (I won two Wheel of Time graphic novels.)

Important things to remember:

  • Volunteer Shifts are only 90 minutes each
  • You get to choose where you volunteer
  • You can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you like
  • You get a ribbon
  • You get to participate in an exclusive raffle
  • Check the JordanCon Schedule to figure out when you can volunteer

And most importantly

  • You can volunteer AND have a great time at JordanCon

Keep an eye out for more information about volunteering.

See ya’ next time!

New Member Monday: Workshops

New Member Monday: Workshops

JordanCon is more than just panels; it is a chance for some hands-on activities. Every year Deana Whitney, Workshop Director, looks far and wide to come up with amazing workshops for con-goers to attend. The best part about the workshops is you don’t have to be familiar with The Wheel of Time to enjoy them. It is perfect for those of you who are attending with a fan but haven’t read the books.

While some of the workshops require preregistration before the con, you can register for most at the con.  The signup sheets for workshops can be found near the registration desk. Be sure to ask when you check-in where to go to register for workshops. There is a cost to some workshops. The fee should be paid directly to the workshop instructor. Exact change is appreciated.

Workshops for JordanCon 2020

  • Sign Language with Saki Marie – Easy conversational ASL signs for use in social situations.
  • Braid Tugging with Melisa Grooms – Learn some great hair up-do styles perfect for the JordanCon Dance.  Limit: 12, over 12+
  • Fascinator Hats with Molly Weiss ($3) – Create a fascinator, bring a 12”x15” material to match or pick from the supplies. Fee: $3.00
  • Dragon Eggs with Tina Pierce ($10) – Create scalemail eggs for your own horde Class Fee: $10.00 Class limit: 12, age 8+
  • West Coast Swing Dance – Meet people while learning this partnered dance. Partners will rotate. 
  • Needle Felting with Karen Ahlstrom ($5) – Create 3D shapes with felted fibers. Class Fee: $5.00   Class Limit: 10 students, age 12+
  • Friendship Bracelets ($3) – The art of tying knots to create beautiful designs and a token of friendship.  Class Fee: $3.00. Class limit: 15, age 8+
  • Designing Book Interiors – Presentation on designing printed book interiors for self-publishers.
  • Drunk Writers – Writing workshop.
  • Foam Axe Construction ($4) – Learn foam crafting by making a small hand axe. 2-hour class, Class limit 12 age 15+. Fee: $4.00
  • Belly Dance Class – Shimmies and more to create new belly dance combinations.
  • Black Work with Linda Taglieri ($5) – Classic hand sewing technique to create borders and trims. Class Fee: $5.00. Class limit: 8, age 8+
  • Hand Quilting Techniques ($5) – Learn hand quilting techniques on a 12”x12” potholder. Class Fee: $5.00. Class limit: 15, age 12+

Be on the lookout for Workshop Director, Deana Whitney’s, blog for more details about the upcoming workshops. Any questions about workshops can be sent to

New Member Monday: Charity Auction

New Member Monday: Charity Auction

Welcome to our New Member Monday post! We here at New Member Services want to let all those first-timers to JordanCon know about some of the things we have at the Con that you might want to know about. This week, we want to fill you in on our Charity Auction!!

As you may or may not know, JordanCon isn’t just an awesome Con featuring a lot of awesome Fantasy themed events and panels. JordanCon is also a 501C4 charity organization. One of the ways we achieve and maintain this status is through our excellent Charity Auction. 

It is a silent auction that begins accepting items for bid on Friday at the start of the Con. The auction itself runs all day on Saturday until that evening. On Sunday, all the winners will be able to come and pick up the item(s) that they have won! With it being a silent auction, you and other Congoers can come by and bid on the many great, and sometimes one of a kind, pieces that are donated each year at your leisure.

All of the proceeds from the Auction go to charity. You might be asking yourself, which charity does JordanCon give to? Usually, the proceeds are given to the Mayo Clinic to be used for research to treat Amyloidosis. In case you’re not aware, Amyloidosis is the disease that took the life of Robert Jordan. 

We have also given to other charities on special occasions, such as after the death of our beloved Steve Godecke. Steve was very active in the Con for many years and unfortunately lost his battle with cancer. That year we gave the proceeds to the Hospice care that took care of Steve in his final days. 

With all this said, when you get to JordanCon, please take the time to come to the Silent Auction room and say hello to the Charity Auction staff and all of our great volunteers and see what great things we have up for bids!

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