Traditions: What have we been doing the past 15 years!?

Traditions: What have we been doing the past 15 years!?

As a new JordanCon Member, you will notice 3 things as you move through the convention space: ribbons, tiaras, and kilts. These are our traditions. I am sure you have already heard talk of ribbons in the group so let’s get started with those.


Ribbons are fancy accoutrements that are a must-have at JordanCon….now, there seems to be an unspoken competitionRibbons hanging in front of a door  between some in the JordanCon Family to see who can collect the most ribbons.

There are two kinds of Ribbons:

Official Con Ribbons (vendor, director, program participant, volunteer), and then there are a ton of “Fun Ribbons” you can get. From vendors to other attendees, ribbons abound.

Anyone can create a “fun ribbon”. One of the more popular places to get ribbons is  PC Nametag (please note: this is not an endorsement of this vendor).

Ribbons are placed on the bottom of your JordanCon badge using the adhesive on the top of the ribbon. Each additional ribbon is added to the bottom of the previous ribbon.  (see picture)

For some “fun ribbons,” the owner of the ribbons may ask you to complete a task….sometimes it is simply reciting a phrase…other times it might be to pledge your soul to The Dark One, so use your own best judgment in these circumstances.


Jen in a tiara


You will see many members adorned with a tiara or crown of some sort. While this is in no way required it is certainly fun.  Anyone that wishes to wear a tiara or crown is more than welcome to. In the past, we have coordinated a picture with everyone wearing their royal headpiece. I am sure we will make this happen again this year. Keep an eye out for more information on that. This wonderful tradition was started by our very own Creator, Jenn Liang. To get the full story you can check out this blog post.


Not to be outdone by our tiara/crown-loving crowd we have a contingent of attendees that have brought kilts into the fold (and we are so grateful for that). On the Friday of JordanCon, you will find quite a few members sporting kilts. A couple of them will even have a crown on to complete their outfit. You can find out more about the origin of “On Friday We Wear Kilts!” in this blog post.

This year we are adding a new tradition to our list: CouchCon!!


It started as just some people hanging out Sunday night after all the programming ended and has now grown into an Official “unofficial” part of JordanCon. Dubbed CouchCon because it started in the lobby, this is the time after JordanCon has ended but there is still fun to be had. Nowadays, we usually hang out in the Gaming Hall. We connect with friends we didn’t get to spend enough time with during the weekend. We game, we chat, we laugh, we reminisce, and we bond all over again. It is a wonderful tradition that forges new friendships and strengthens old ones.

There are more shenanigans that exist at JordanCon, some from Jordancon One, some a little more recent. And undoubtedly you and your new family will create some of your own. 

There is never any pressure to participate in any of these extracurricular activities but, all are welcome to join if and when they feel comfortable.

New Member Mondays: 2023

New Member Mondays: 2023

It is February 2023, and I am sure some of you are wondering “Where the heck are the New Member Monday posts?!”

Well, we are finally getting those started!

Now, as a New Member you may be wondering, “What under the Light is a ‘New Member Monday’?”

It is a series of blog posts written by the New Member Services Team (Ebony Adomanis and Arthur Gibson) to inform our newest members (and maybe some of our more experienced members) about the different aspects of JordanCon to put them at ease and help them get super excited about attending.

We will have New Member Monday blog posts about the following topics (in no particular order):

  • Traditions – It is JordanCon’s 15th Anniversary so this one will be fun!
  • Costume Contest
  • Charity Auction
  • Art Show
  • ConSuite
  • Gaming
  • Schedule
  • Volunteering
  • Member Engagement
  • Last Minute Reminders

While these are the topics we have planned, there is definitely room to add some, so let us know if you have a topic or area on which you would like more details!

In addition to our New Member Monday blog posts we will be bringing back Virtual Q&A Sessions. This will be a chance to interact with JordanCon Staff members, other new members, and our more experienced members. For 2023 our Virtual Q&A Sessions will be:

  • Saturday, February 18th 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm (EST) 
  • Saturday, March 11th 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm (EST) 

(Don’t worry, we will send information out about these as we get closer to the dates.)

So sit back and get ready to learn about all things JordanCon. If you have any questions or suggestions, just shoot us an email at


New Member Monday: The Schedule is Live! Now What?!

New Member Monday: The Schedule is Live! Now What?!

Well, JordanConers, the schedule is out and it is time to start making plans! But, if you are new to Conventions, the schedule can be a lot!!  So, here are some quick terms and notes about all the information that you can find on the schedule.


  • TRACKS – Track is the name given to a specific room or rooms generally being used for similarly themed panels.
  • PANELS – A panel is a staff or guest-led discussion about a particular topic.
  • MODERATOR  This is a volunteer who helps guide the conversation on panels, makes sure the panelists don’t get too off-topic, and keeps an eye on the time. The moderator often has some additional knowledge of the panel topic.
  • PANELIST – The panelists are who you came to see! They will be the ones discussing the topic of the panel.

JordanCon 2022 Tracks

Main Programming From Opening Ceremonies to Closing Ceremonies, JordanCon’s Main Programming is the centerpiece of the convention. It is home to such activities as the Costume Contest, Karaoke, JordanCon Dance Party, Author Signings, and Q&As

Art Track Our goal for our track is to expand appreciation of art and artists among the general JordanCon membership and also to provide a great mentoring and networking environment for artists, whether they are just starting out or are seasoned professionals.

Fantasy Track JordanCon’s Fantasy Track offers programming spanning a wide range of stories and worlds. From traditional fantasy like Lord of the Rings to more modern fantasy like Harry Potter to Young Adult stories and even Urban Fantasy like The Dresden Files. And they cover TV and movies too.

Gaming Track The Gaming Track Room is constantly bustling with gamers of all sorts. You can always find something to do here! It houses many demo games available to be played on one of the many banquet size tables available for open gaming. Want to bring your own game to play?  No problem!  If there’s an open table, you are more than welcome to come on in and play.

Science Fiction Track JordanCon’s Science Fiction track is dedicated to opening new worlds to you, our members, and letting you get lost in the multiverse. Our guests lead the conversations in a myriad of panel discussions on everything from the earliest days of SciFi, to the modern masters and everyone in between. We have a passion for SciFi and we always seek to spread that passion around!

Writer’s Track The JordanCon Writers track is a place to come learn about the art, craft, and business of writing. We have topics that range from traditional to self-publishing, editing and other aspects of writing, and workshops

Wheel of Time Track The World of Wheel of Time Track covers all the things Wheel of Time from the books to the Amazon Prime TV show 

Brandon Sanderson Track In this track all things Sanderson are discussed.

Workshops Do you like to learn new skills or how to make items? Visit the JordanCon Workshops Track to unleash your crafty side or your unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Here, participants acquire different skills. Sign-ups are located at registration at the beginning of the convention.

Many workshops focus on learning a craft, such as: costuming, dancing, metalworking, painting, woodworking, or even 3-D printing. Some workshops focus on learning more intangible skills, such as calligraphy, copyright rules, running a fan store, or even laying out an eBook. Workshops are announced in advance of JordanCon so anyone can join in the Workshop Track fun!

Speaking of Workshops…

Jordancon is more than just panels; it is also a chance for some hands-on activities. Every year the Workshop staff looks far and wide to come up with amazing workshops for con-goers to attend. The best part about the workshops is that you don’t have to be familiar with The Wheel of Time to enjoy them. It is perfect for those of you that are attending with a fan but haven’t read the books.

While some of the workshops require preregistration before the con, you can register for most at the Con.  The signup sheets for workshops can be found near the registration desk. Be sure to ask when you check in where to go to register for workshops. If there is a cost to a workshops, the fee should be paid directly to the workshop instructor. Exact change is appreciated.

 Workshops for Jordancon 2022

  • Alcohol Ink Pour Painting with Alexandra Klimek ($15) – Create a painting on wood with alcohol ink using pouring and blending techniques.  Class limit 15.
  • Braid Tugging with Melisa Grooms Learn some great hair up-do styles perfect for the JordanCon Dance.  Limit: 12, over 12+
  • Crocheting Doomslug with Karen Ahlstrom ($5) – Learn to crochet Doomslug from the Skyward series. Class limit 15.
  •  Braiding on a Loom: Kumihimo with Deana Whitney ($6) – Learn the basics of 4 & 8 strand braiding. Can create hundreds of cord styles. Class Limit: 8
  • Tarot Reading with Katharine Reid – An introduction to the basics of tarot reading.
  • Make your own Hero of the Horn with Karen Ahlstrom ($5) – As seen on TV!  Make a ragdoll Birgitte. Class limit 15
  •  Cross Stitching with Maureen Carr ($5) Cross-stitch Wheel of Time Characters. Fee $5.00 Class limit: 15. 

Any questions can be sent to workshops Director Amelie Downing at

 Now that you know a little more about the technical aspects of the schedule, here are your next steps:

  1. Take a look at the JordanCon 2022 Schedule
  2. Decide what Panels and/or Activities you want to participate in
  3. Check out the Volunteer Sign-Up Page to see where you can help.
  4. Get ready to meet the family you didn’t know you needed!

#WelcomeHome #itsfinallyapril


New Member Monday: Volunteering

New Member Monday: Volunteering

A con is nothing without volunteers, and Jordancon is no different. Volunteers are part of what makes the con run so smoothly, and you can be one.  I know what you are thinking. “If I volunteer I will miss out on all the fun stuff?” But guess what… You won’t!!

Volunteer shifts are only 90 minutes (the length of a panel). Plus, volunteer sign-up doesn’t start until 3 days AFTER the schedule for JordanCon is released.  This gives you a chance to look over the schedule, decide which panels you just can’t miss, and when you have time to volunteer.

Now you may be wondering, “What can I even volunteer for? It is my first time at Jordancon.” Well volunteering is a great way to meet people and get a real feel for the Con. 

You can volunteer to help with the Art Show, the ConSuite (It’s back y’all!!!), Registration, New Member Services (with me, yay!), the JordanCon Store, or be on standby for your selected period of time.

And there are other perks besides getting to meet people! You get an awesome ribbon (or badge swag, as I like to call it). You also get to participate in an exclusive raffle for some pretty cool items. (I won two Wheel of Time graphic novels.)

Important things to remember:

  • Volunteer shifts are only 90 minutes each
  • You get to choose when and where you volunteer
  • You can sign up for as many or as few shifts as you like
  • You get a ribbon
  • You get to participate in an exclusive raffle
  • Check the JordanCon Schedule to figure out when you can volunteer

And most importantly:

You can volunteer AND have a great time at JordanCon!

Keep an eye out for more information about volunteering. Have questions about volunteering you need an answer to right now? Email us at 

See ya’ next time!

#isitaprilyet    #welomehome

New Member Monday: Charity Auction

New Member Monday: Charity Auction

Welcome to our New Member Monday post! We here at New Member Services want to let all those first-timers to JordanCon know about some of the things we have at the Con that you might want to know about. This week, we want to fill you in on our Charity Auction!!

As you may or may not know, JordanCon isn’t just an awesome Con featuring a lot of awesome Fantasy themed events and panels. JordanCon is also a 501(c)(4) charity organization. One of the ways we achieve and maintain this status is through our excellent Charity Auction. 

It is a silent auction that begins accepting items for bid on Friday at the start of the Con. The auction itself runs all day on Saturday until that evening. On Sunday, all the winners will be able to come and pick up the item(s) they have won! With it being a silent auction, you and other Congoers can come by and bid on the many great, and sometimes one-of-a-kind, pieces that are donated each year at your leisure.

All of the proceeds from the Auction go to charity. You might be asking yourself, which charity does JordanCon give to? Usually, the proceeds are given to the Mayo Clinic to be used for research to treat Amyloidosis — the disease that took the life of Robert Jordan. 

We have also given to other charities on special occasions. The year JordanCon family member Steve Godecke lost his battle with cancer, we gave the proceeds to the hospice care that took care of him in his final days. 

For more information about the charity auction and the link to donate items, you can check out their blog post HERE or email them to

And keep an eye out for the #ChariTuesday post on the JordanCon Facebook Page!

With all this said, when you get to JordanCon, please take the time to come to the Silent Auction room and say hello to the Charity Auction staff and all of our great volunteers, and see what great things we have up for bids!




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