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So you want to volunteer at JordanCon … Good choice!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of JordanCon. Without you, our convention wouldn’t be possible. Each year our volunteers help with the Art Show, Con Suite, Registration, Charity Auction and more. It’s a great way for newcomers (and oldcomers!) to get an inside look at the workings of JordanCon, make new friends and support our nonprofit work.

Volunteer shifts are typically 90 minutes long. For panels, this means you’ll help make sure the room is set up, be there for the panel, and then help transition to the next shift. Time in the other places will be different, but that is the fun of volunteering!  You will have the opportunity to fill slots all over the con to try out new things and see if you like them. We do not provide complimentary memberships to our volunteers, so you will still need to purchase a membership.

Are you ready to volunteer?  Sign up through this link!  https://signup.com/go/qOwmMDK

Email volunteering@jordancon.org for more information.

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