Art Show Applications

art show application

Interested in Joining the JordanCon Art Show?

We are so excited that you would like to join the JordanCon Art Show. Please fill out this Google Form and we will add your email to our Mailing List if space is available for additional artist participation. Please be aware that filling out this form does not guarantee space in our Art Show.

The JordanCon Art Show features a variety of options depending on the amount of work you would like to show, as well as the type of art.

  • Single Panel – 8 horizontal feet of hanging space. Panels are 4′ tall by 8′ wide, with a vertical hanging surface great for 2 dimensional art, jewelry, etc. (Please note that your space might be 2 adjacent 4’x4′ panels).
  • 2 Panels (Large Bay) – 16 horizontal feet of hanging space. Space is a 4′ tall by 8′ wide panel flanked on either side by a 4’x4′ panel great for 2 dimensional art, jewelry, etc.
  • 3D Table – a 6’x2′ flat table surface, perfect for ceramics, jewelry, or any other type of art that doesn’t hang well on vertical surfaces.
  • 3D Table¬†+ Single Panel – 1 of each. Please note, due to the layout of the Hall, your table may be separate from your hanging panel in the Art Show space.

Be sure to fill out your Art Show Application as soon as you’re ready and we’ll see you at the Con!

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