Writers’ Workshop

Since JordanCon 5, the Writers Track has been proud to hold the annual Friday Night Writers’ Workshop. This is an amazing and rare opportunity to get feedback on your writing from both peers and attending publishing professionals, be they authors, editors, or agents.

Submissions of approximately 1000 words are solicited from attendees starting two months before the convention, and the pre-submission form is cut off two weeks before to give us time to organize the groups and print the review copies. That said, there are usually one or two open slots in groups, so if you miss the deadline, email The Writers Track to see if you can squeeze in.

The groups are broken up roughly by genre of the submissions, and consist of at least 2 professionals that have expressed interest in that genre and 3-4 attendees. Then, on Friday Night, you meet in the Writers Track room, break into your groups, and the first submission is read aloud (either by a guest or by the author), and then you all discuss it. Wash-rinse-repeat for each attendee.

This kind of feedback at other conventions or conferences is usually gated behind extra fees, but JordanCon is proud to offer this experience to any registered member that submits their work in time. Of course, dependent on how many of our guests volunteer to take part, room is limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. But, for an example, at JordanCon in 2018, we had 21 guests and 28 attendees broken into 7 groups, ranging from Urban Fantasy to Sci Fi to Epic Fantasy to Historical Fantasy.


Submissions for the 2022 Writers’ Workshop should open soon. Keep an eye on this section for more information. We will post it as soon as we have it!


Past Professionals

The following Professionals have sat on our Writers Workshop:

2022: Panelists forthcoming.

2021: Ellis Bray (Author), Darin M Bush (Author), Paige Christie (Author), Cecillia Dominic (Author), Venessa Giunta (Author), Faith Hunter (Author), Robyn Huss (Editor), Chris Jackson (Editor), Darin Kennedy (Author), Melissa McArthur (Author), Misty Massey (Author), Ellie Raine (Author), Sarah Sover (Author), Merethe Walther (Author).

2020: No Workshop

Anna Grace Carpenter (Author), Ashley Chappell (Author), David B Coe (Author), Cecilia Dominic (Author), Amy DuBoff (Author), Venessa Giunta (Author/Editor), John G Hartness (Author, Falstaff Books Editor/Publisher), Faith Hunter (Author), Robyn Huss (Editor), JD Jordan (Author), Nicole Kurtz (Author), Melissa McArthur (Falstaff Books Editor), Ellie Raine (Author), Lydia Sherrer (Author), Merethe Walther (Author, Editor), and Toni Weisskopf (Baen Books Editor/Publisher).

Darin Bush (Author), Ashley Chappell (Author), Paige L Christie (Author), David Coe (Author), Blue Cole (Author), A.R. Cook (Author), Milton Davis (Author), Jason Denzel (Author), Debra Dixon (Belle Books Editor), Amy DuBoff (Author), Aaron-Michael Hall (Author), A.J. Hartley (Author), Laura Harvey (World Weaver Press Editor), Faith Hunter (Author), Robyn Huss (Huss Editing), J.D. Jordan (Author), Ellie Raine (Author), Anthony Taylor (Author), Merethe Walther (Curiosity Quills Editor), Toni Weisskopf (Baen Books Editor/Publisher), Christopher Woods (Author).

Kaitlin Bevis (Author), David Coe (Author), Blue Cole (Author), A.R. Cook (Author), Milton Davis (Author), Amy DuBoff (Author), John Hartness (Author, Editor Falstaff Books), Alex Hughes (Author), Robyn Huss (Huss Editing), Michael Livingston (Author), Jana Oliver (Author), Diana Pho (Tor Books, Editor), Ellie Raine (Author), J.A. Sutherland (Author), Anthony Taylor (Author)

Highlights include: James R Tuck (Author), Jana Oliver (Author), Idaliz Seymour (Agent), Emilie Bush (Author), Mickey Dubrow (Author), and others.

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