The JordanCon 2021 Short Story Anthology

Cover art for Become Legend

Become Legend: The JordanCon 2021 Anthology”
published by JordanCon on July 16, 2021.

ISBN: 979-8-62-346214-5

“A unifying trait for a society is the legends it tells. Whether parables of heroism, warnings to tread carefully, or attempts to give meaning to the unexplained, legends can take many forms. For the second year of the JordanCon Anthology, we gave a simple prompt for the theme: Legends and the Legendary. Our prior guests and attendees rose to the challenge, and we are happy to bring you twenty short stories ranging the genres of fantasy, science fiction and horror. This is a limited edition anthology, available exclusively at JordanCon. Proceeds of the sales will go towards the JordanCon Charity.”

This was a limited one-time-only run, available for sale at the JordanCon Charity room. Sales of JordanCon Anthologies at the 2021 convention raised $4376 that went towards the 2021 Charity for the Mayo Clinic to go towards Cardiac Amyloidosis research.

Edited by Richard Fife
Cover Art: Wildest Grace by Annie Gerard.

The socially distanced signing for the Anthology, Saturday of JordanCon 2021

Table of Contents:

The Legendary Lord Redfield the ReaperSarah J. Sover
Urban PlanningRosemary Williams
Oni Soars – Nicole Givens Kurtz
The Rose Became a Sword
 – Clint Hall
Terry A. Beyer
The StorytellerRis Harp
HipshotP. Andrew Floyd
The Long GameDarin Kennedy
The Devil WaitsSara Bond
Kraken ConqueredFaith Hunter
Goddess of SpringPaige Vest
Green DreamsPaige L. Christie
The Witch HunterVincent E. M. Thorn
Never Ending NowDavid Alan Jones
The Monk’s WellRebecca Wynick
The WatchersA. K. DuBoff
Beneath the Crimson SandCarl Sailor
Easy MeatMorgan Smith
The LaskimRaine Palmer

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