The JordanCon 2019 Short Story Anthology

You Want Stories? The JordanCon 2019 Anthology”
published by JordanCon on April 26, 2019.

ISBN: 978-1-09-159931-4

“For over a decade, JordanCon has been a place where writers of all calibers, interests, and walks of life have come together to share their love of the craft. To honor that, we have collected stories that span science fiction and fantasy from past guests of honor, notable guests, and attendees and put them together in this limited edition anthology, available for sale exclusive at JordanCon. Proceeds of the sales will go towards the JordanCon Charity.”

This was a limited one-time-only run, available for sale at the JordanCon Charity room. Sales of the Anthology raised $4,054 that went towards the 2019 Charity: Hospice of Mercy, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Edited by Richard Fife
Cover Art: Soulborn by Dan Dos Santos.

JordanCon 2019 Anthology Authors and Editors at their group signing.

Authors and Editors of the 2019 Anthology in attendance at JordanCon 2019. (kneeling left to right): P. Andrew Floyd, Foster Bridget Cassidy, Morgan Smith, Faith Hunter (first standing row, left to right) Milton J. Davis, David Alan Jones, David B. Coe, Gerald L. Coleman, Alexandra Hill (second standing row, left to right) Robyn Huss (story editor), Blue Cole, Robert A. Hilliard Jr., Sarah J. Sover, John G. Hartness, Tim Lewis

Table of Contents:

DoorbusterP. Andrew Floyd
A Citizen in Childhood’s Country – Seanan McGuire
Tokimimizu – Foster Bridget Cassidy
A Faerie Tale – Sarah J. Sover
Switch – Tim Lewis
Edit the Stars – David Alan Jones
The Sounding of the Deep – Terry Beyer
Long Live the King – Morgan Smith
The Bakery: Prelude to a Fairy Tale – Alexandra Hill
Rebirth – John G. Hartness
Two Cosmere Fragments – Brandon Sanderson
Fool’s Errand – Gerald L. Coleman
The Christmas Count David B. Coe
Lost Love – Robert A. Hilliard Jr.
Trading Debts – Faith Hunter
Kept – Blue Cole
From Hell with Love – Jana G. Oliver
A Cyberkeet’s Story – Charles E. Gannon
Firestorm – Milton J. Davis
Finding Robert Jordan – Jason Denzel


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