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The JordanCon Writers track is a place to come learn about the art, craft, and business of writing. We have topics that range from traditional publishing, self publishing, editing, different aspects of writing, and a wide variety of panel topics. 

Are you looking for JordanCon’s Got Slush, the Writer’s Workshop, our Annual Pitch Critique, or Flash Fiction? They’re all still happening, but they have a new home in our new Author’s Workshop track! You can check that out here.

If you would like to get an idea of what you can expect from the Writers Track, here is a list of some past panels. We can’t wait to see you this year!

Selected Panel Archive

Here is a selected example of other panel headers we have done in years past. We try to keep it fresh and not repeat ourselves from year to year, but that isn’t to say that just because we’ve run a panel before, we won’t again.

  • “Keeping a Long Series Fresh”
    • A panel on writing sequels
  • “Business Realities for the Aspiring Writer”
    • A discussion of the business of writing, especially for self pub
  • “Keeping it Short”
    • A discussion of short fiction and the differences and challenges it represents.
  • “eBooks!”
    • A discussion on the creation and distribution of eBooks
  • “Schmoozing 101”
    • A discussion on how to market and present yourself
  • “Folklore and Fairytales”
    • Discussion on incorporating legends from the real world into your fiction.
  • “Religion in your World”
    • A discussion on using religion as a narrative and world building tool. RECORDED!
  • “Violence for Writers”
    • A discussion and demonstration of fight scenes.
  • “Pacing and Plotting”
    • A discussion on how to find that beat of a story, when to let things calm down, when to ramp them up.
  • “The Hero’s Journey”
    • A lecture/discussion on the classic “Hero’s Journey” analysis of stories and how to apply it to your own writing.
  • “Flawed Worlds”
    • A discussion of “gritty” world building and adding depth to a story through flawed worlds and characters.
  • “Screenwriting”
    • A discussion of the very different craft involved in writing screenplays.
  • “Collaborative Writing”
    • A discussion focused on books with more than one author and how that even works.
  • “Editing and Polishing”
    • One of many panels we’ve had about how to clean up a manuscript after the first draft is written.
  • “Write what you don’t know”
    • A discussion about how to research topics you might not have a strong understanding, or how to strengthen an already strong understanding.
  • “Game Writing”
    • A discussion on how to write for table-top games, and even some discussion of system creation.
  • “Terrible Writing Advice”
    • A fun panel where authors talk about the worst advice they received or have heard others say, and why it was bad.
  • “Sensory Writing”
    • A discussion about using more than just “sight” in your description.
  • “Tropes: Rule of Cool”
    • A discussion of how the “Rule of Cool” trope can carry an unbelievable scene, and just how far to push it.
  • “Query Letters”
    • A dicussion on how to write a good query letter, dos and don’ts.
  • And many many more.




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