World of the Wheel Track

Our beloved Wheel of Time has its own programming track, of course!

There are in depth discussions on what it meant to be a young adult reader reading Wheel of Time for the first time, whole panels dedicated to the holy grail of all Wheel of Time lore, Robert Jordan’s notes (hosted by people who have actually read them), and Trivia.

This track has also hosted many a Looney Theories panel, where we have discussed Alien Ogier, who killed Asmodean (it got pretty crazy), and whether or not the last Battle would have been fought via dueling bands. The loonier the theory, the better!

With the announcement of Amazon’s brand new television show, we have also introduced panels like Celebrity Dream Casting, how script writing could affect story, as well as an Amazon Chopping Block panel where fans discuss what can, should, and should never be cut!


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