Daes Dae’mar

Daes Dae’mar—”The Great Game”, or “The Game of Houses”—is our annual team trivia competition. Bring your friends, or team up when you show up! The game will be full of spoilers, so stay away if you haven’t finished the books. The top three teams are awarded these medals to add to their swag bags:

  1. Gold: “Dragon Reborn”
  2. Silver: “Demandred”
  3. Bronze: “Asmodean”

You can also pick up your completed question cards when the game is done and distribute them as swag among your members. If one person on the team was responsible for answering a certain question, you can give them that card, or you can give the whole pack to your MVP. We leave it up to you.

Rules and Guidelines

Please do not consult your electronic devices at any time during the game. We will tell you the correct answers when everyone has turned in their cards. If you are present as an observer, keep in mind that, due to the way teams circle up, we can’t always tell at a glance who is playing and who isn’t, so we ask you to please refrain from consulting devices during the game as well. Cheaters will be disqualified and perhaps barred from future participation in trivia games.

  • Please limit yourselves to six people per team; there are only five medals for each winning team so it’s even better if you can limit yourself to five. We’ve allowed larger teams in the past, instructing folks to give the medals to their MVPs, but going forward we’re going to ask you to limit yourself to six to avoid any unfair advantage.
  • Once you’ve formed a team, grab some chairs and form a circle a reasonable distance away from other teams. Pick up a team card from the moderation table and fill it out with your Team Name and the names of each member. If you would like for us tag you on the JordanCon Facebook group, should you find yourself among the winners, be sure to give us your full name. (Or, give us your full name anyway, and write “no tag” if you do not wish to be tagged.)
  • Once you’ve turned in your team card, you will get a packet of cards for each question. Fill in your team name on each card before the game begins to save yourself some time.
  • There are three regular rounds of three questions each; the difficulty increases each round. There are three cards for each round: a 5-point card, a 10-point card, and a 15-point card. When you hear the first question, you and your team can decide how confident you are in your answer. If you are very confident, use the 15-point card to record your answer. If you are not confident at all, use the 5-point card. These points are not subtracted; there are no negative scores in the first three rounds. If you miss the question, you simply get zero points.
  • For the final round, we will announce a category for the final question and you will be asked to wager points from your total; we’ll keep a spreadsheet with running totals on the TV throughout the game. You can wager everything or nothing or anything in between. These points will be subtracted if you miss the final question.
  • In the event of a tie for first or second place, we will consider several factors from your previous question cards, for example: If asked for a name, did you give the full name? (Usually we do not require it.) If asked to name two out of three things, did you name all three? If factors such as these are insufficient, we will ask a tie-breaker question.

Previous Winners


Dragon Reborn: “GOI”
(“Gap of Infinity” is what Theorylanders call the place where Dreamwalkers locate dreams.)
Christopher Cottingham, Thomas Goodnow, Brian Seitel, Natalia Gonzalez, Jessica Hansen, Matt Hatch

Demandred: “The Salty Wetlanders”
Zach Northcott, Lillian Swinehart, Andrew Hanson, Stephen Schonewolf, Richard Loper, Andrew Malone

Asmodean: “Dragonmount” 
Ashley Anne, Lyndsey Puckett, Jeanine Cleveland, Dennie Caid, Emily Gilbert, Foster Bridget Cassidy, Natalie Gehling, some unidentified ladies, and also that guy


Dragon Reborn: “Number One”
Christopher Cottingham, Lauren McCaffrey, Jessica Hansen, Juan Reyes

Demandred: “The Ever-Victorious Army”
Robby Friedlander, Drew McCaffrey, Brenda Hokanson, Shane Meeks

Asmodean: “Two Hungover”
(That would be Erin and Karen; the guys showed up late.)
Eric Oglesby, Karen Sheridan, Erin DiSimone, Scott Cauthon (that’s not his real surname)


Dragon Reborn: “The Ever-Victorious Army”
Shane Meeks, Robby Friedlander, Jory Phillips, Mr. Parsons, Abigail Parsons, Doggo Parsons


We don’t have any team photos for this year, but the winning team was called “Unstoppable” because Terez and Maria Simons were both on it. (Unfair, but we wanted to do it just once so please forgive us.) While digging around on Facebook for past trivia winners, we also determined that Ross Newberry, our Registration Director, was on the team.


Dragon Reborn: “Quotemeisters”
Trae Cooper, Susie Miles, Theresa Gray, Mary Manzana, Marie Curie


Theoryland came out in force this year. They had three trivia teams and we all tied for first place. The tie-breaker question was: “What is the word count of The Eye of the World?” The team with the closest answer was the winner.

Dragon Reborn: “Easing the Badger”
Bradley Staples, Todd Chapman, Natalia Gonzalez, Mary Calhoon, Pam Harley, Bob Snyder

Demandred: “The Dusty Wheel”
Marie Curie, Gary Kephart, Cory Jones, Matt Hatch, Theresa Gray

Asmodean: “Siswai’men”
(They weren’t trying to make a gender statement; they just spelled it wrong.)
Ted Herman, Ashley Pulling, Austin Moore, Tjerk Spriensma


We’re getting into ancient history here, folks. We don’t have a picture of the winning team, but it included Ted Herman, pictured above, and some other Theoryland folks. We don’t even remember the team names. We do however have a picture of the second place team.

Demandred: Theoryland 2
Trae Cooper, Pops Chapman, Matt Hatch, Theresa Gray

If you would like to be identified or unidentified in any of these pictures, email Terez at wheeloftime@jordancon.org.

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