Robert Jordan's wife, Harriett joins us in The World of the Wheel to talk all things Wheel of Time.

It wouldn’t be JordanCon without a track dedicated to The Wheel of Time!

As long as there’s been a Wheel of Time, there have been people that have wanted to talk about it! In the past, The Wheel of Time Track has hosted panels to talk about new books as they came out, panels interviewing Team Jordan about unanswered questions, and panels dedicated to discussing tidbits of information found in Robert Jordan’s notes.

With the popularity of The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime, people want to talk about the books and show more than ever, and The Wheel of Time Track is the place to do it!

In The Wheel of Time Track, you can find perennial favorite panels…
  • Looney Theories, where people suggest their wildest “What if…?” ideas and then argue their point with others to be the looniest theory
  • Daes Dae’mar, group trivia where people put their knowledge of the books and show to the test

Panels related to the show…
  • Episode Deep Dives, discussing the plots and themes in episodes, how they relate to the source material, and what any changes might mean for future episodes
  • Future Season Speculation, where panelists guess at what plot points are going to appear in future episodes, what elements are going to hit the cutting room floor, and what changes might be made to make the story work for a visual medium

After dark (18+) panels…
  • Igloo / Bond / Balefire, where panelists are given three characters from the series and they have to choose one to take to a chilly igloo to keep them warm, another to Bond and be their companion, and a third to be balefired out of existence
  • WoTionary, where artists are given themed prompts and try to get their partners to guess what they’re drawing, hosted by giant talking puppets!

And there’s so much more! There are often panels discussing themes found in the books, panels talking about representation found in the series, and panels discussing other aspects of the TV series, like the music and extras released with the episodes. In 2022, we had a panel where people voted on the best moments from Season 1 of the show, and our panelists (including Maria Simons of Team Jordan and Matt Hatch of The Dusty Wheel) had to guess how people ranked them! If you want to view the hilarity that ensued, you can view it here!

Family Kitty

In 2023, our friends at DragonMount hosted Wheel of Time Family Feud. These are our winners, Family Kitty! From left to right; Matt, Ebony, Jansen, Kitty, Stina. Congratulations!

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