Science Fiction

Catch the FUTURE in your hand and let it lead you toward the next star.

JordanCon’s Science Fiction track is dedicated to opening new worlds to you, our members, and letting you get lost in the multiverse. Our guests lead the conversations in a myriad of panel discussions on everything from the earliest days of SciFi, to the modern masters and everyone in between. We have a passion for SciFi and we always seek to spread that passion around!

More than merely a forum for discussion, the Science Fiction track is proud of our focus on inclusive artists and their art. Come and discover the hidden gems from within the larger science fiction community, including independent authors and SciFi from people and cultures that one may not have even realized embrace the same love of the future that you do. If you believe, as we do, that the future belongs to all humankind, the SciFi track won’t disappoint.

We never forget the SCIENCE! JordanCon’s Science Fiction track loves to expose you to experts in a multitude of scientific disciplines. From physics to psychology, our panelists reveal their expertise and how it affects the various artistic expressions of science fiction. Each year we begin the convention with a discussion of the recent science news from the previous year and potential new discoveries on the horizon. 



A few Science Fiction Track Highlights

  • Are you just here for The Wheel of Time? Hey, we are also fans. That is why in (almost) every year we include a panel linking our love of science fiction with The Wheel of Time. There are more similarities than you might imagine! Consider these panels bonus WoT content!
  • Not to mention a mega-ton of other literature we know you love or will love as soon as you step through those doors.
  • We talk about games and obscure SciFi trivia. Movies and television are always on our menu of panels.
  • Do you love talking about the “Star” franchises? Well, our Sunday content is heavy with dedicated panels discussing Star Wars and Star Trek!


Are you a SciFi skeptic? Never could quite get into it? We imagine that there are plenty of things labeled as SciFi that you actually enjoy. And if not, we always welcome folks new to Science Fiction. Don’t be afraid to come in see what you are missing.

After all, the JordanCon Science Fiction track is the best FRELLING track at JordanCon! And how do we know we are the best? Science, baby! It’s all about the science (fiction)!

So get in here and start your journey into these new worlds!

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Science Fiction will be located in Azalea.

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