Samples of classes taught at JordanCon. Silk painting, Temari art, SA Glyphs, and Leather stamping

Welcome to the Makers Track! Do you like to learn new skills or how to make items? Visit the JordanCon Makers Track to unleash your crafty side or your unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Here, participants acquire different skills. Sign ups are located at registration at the beginning of the convention.

Many workshops focus on learning a craft, such as: costuming, dancing, metalworking, painting, woodworking, or even 3-D printing. Some workshops focus on learning more intangible skills, such as: calligraphy, copyright rules, running a fan store, or even laying out an eBook. Workshops are announced in advance of JordanCon so anyone can join in the Makers Track fun!

Most of the workshops are open to all ages, but some have limited attendance to maintain the best student to teacher ratio for the skill being taught. Some workshops have supply fees. These are paid directly to the teachers in each class. Check the description of each workshop for the details and limits, once the schedule is posted.

The Makers Track appeals to many JordanCon attendees who may not be as familiar with the books discussed in the other tracks. They also engage many that enjoy making items in various formats. We look forward to having you join us! If you have any questions or suggestions for the Makers Track, contact the track director, at:

Makers Track will be located in Gardenia.


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