Samples of classes taught at JordanCon. Silk painting, Temari art, SA Glyphs, and Leather stamping

Are you the type of person who always likes to have their hands busy?  Do you like learning new skills and crafts? Hey, us too!  Come join our community of makers as we explore new skills, delve deeper into esoteric arts, share progress on our projects, and create together.

Learn about making costuming props on a 3D printer from Patrick Dugan.  Or finally get started learning how to paint that mini you are using for your D&D or Pathfinder campaign.  Chat with Master Stained Glass Artisan Leia Powell as she creates one of her 3D Katharina fairies.  Make some upcycled book jewelry with Sara Glassman.  Journey to an enchanted forest of wire trees and gemstone leaves with Karen Ahlstrom.  Let Rosemary Williams show you how to join our fledgling army of fiber cephalopod keepers.  And more.

We love a good literary tie-in, but our focus is on creating.  So we are a great place for members who are attending for reasons other than their deep and abiding love of all things literary.  Or, even for those who are and can spare an hour for other pursuits.  We’re just glad to try new things with awesome people.  So check out the schedule descriptions for class costs and sign up requirements, have some cash on hand in case there’s a class fee, hit up the registration area after 8 the day of your class for sign ups, make sure you know if your class is in Gardenia or the La Grotta patio, and come create with us!

Most of the workshops are open to all ages, but some have limited attendance to maintain the best student to teacher ratio for the skill being taught. Some workshops have supply fees. These are paid directly to the teachers in each class. Check the description of each workshop for the details and limits, once the schedule is posted.

The Makers Track appeals to many JordanCon attendees who may not be as familiar with the books discussed in the other tracks. They also engage many that enjoy making items in various formats. We look forward to having you join us! If you have any questions or suggestions for the Makers Track, contact the track director, at:

Makers Track will be located in Gardenia or the La Grotta Patio.


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