Main Programming

Our Toastmaster making her way to Opening Ceremonies in 2017.

From Opening Ceremonies to Closing Ceremonies, JordanCon’s Main Programming is the centerpiece of the convention. It brings us such content as:

  • In 2009, at the first ever JordanCon, the beloved Harriet McDougal graced us with some of the very last words the fandom ever heard from Robert Jordan. A concept of what would become the prologue to “The Gathering Storm”.
  • The very last ever prologue, from “A Memory of Light,” read to us by none other than Harriet McDougal herself.
  • JordanCon’s Annual Costume Contest
  • Karaoke on Friday nights and the hopping JordanCon Dance Party on Saturday nights
  • Author Signings, Q&As, and other headlining programming


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