The JordanCon logo and website are in the top left with the words "LitRPG Track" centered below that. The background is a semi-transparent photo of the first page of The Wheel of Time.

The LitRPG genre is coming to JordanCon! We are excited for panels on stats, OP MCs, diverse systems and mechanics, post-apocalyptic worlds, and more! LitRPG, or Literary Role Playing Games, is a rapidly growing genre that combines every possible style of story with gaming elements. From fantasy to slice of life, academy to Sci-Fi, cultivation to tower climbing, there is something for everyone in LitRPG! For our first year, we look forward to introducing new readers to the genre and many of the amazing authors and narrators that make it great! Many of the LitRPG authors first began their writing journey inspired by the vast worlds created by Robert Jordan, and are very excited to be included in this amazing convention.


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