Gaming Track

The Gaming Track Room is constantly bustling with gamers of all sorts. You can always find something to do in here! It houses many demo games available to be played on one of the many banquet size tables available for open gaming. Want to bring your own game to play?  No problem!  If there’s an open table, you are more than welcome to come on in and play.

Gaming at JordanCon has grown by leaps and bounds since the first year, where 5 people in a closed panel room played a Wheel of Time themed game of Werewolf after hours to one of the largest rooms in the convention.

Every year, we host a charity event, our annual Seanchan Poker Tournament.  Do you think you have what it takes to be this year’s champion? Do you just like to play poker? How about supporting our charity? Join the game!  All house winnings go to charity, so even if you lose, you win! 

Magic The Gathering is not just for Friday nights. Here at JordanCon, we host a draft on Saturday evening. You never know what might happen, so join in the fun! Also, keep an eye out for the schedule, because we have been working on getting some Role Playing Games set up so you can play to your heart’s content.

Want to host a game to make friends? Don’t know how to approach a table and ask to play? We’re here to help! The Game Room is staffed to give you the resources to need to have all of the fun you can handle, and maybe more!

Do you want to discuss gaming all year round and get all of the latest news from the Gaming Track?  Join the JordanCon Gaming Group on Facebook! You can find out all sorts of things here, and even learn more about our annual Module Writing Contest.

Gaming will be located in the La Grotta Restaurant.



Gaming Hall Hours

Friday: 2PM – 2AM

Saturday: 10AM – 2AM

Sunday: 10AM – 12AM


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