Costume Contest Rules

  1. Eligibility – Any member of JordanCon is eligible to enter the Costume Contest. If you have previously placed or received a Judge’s Choice award for your costume, we invite you to display your costume at JordanCon, but you will not be eligible to participate in the Costume Contest. You are welcome to enter again with a new
  2. Pre-Registration and Pre-Judging – We request that all intended participants pre-register for the contest at registration. All contestants MUST attend a pre-judging session (location to be announced during the convention; check the website for details closer to the con.) You will not be allowed to walk in the contest if you did not attend the pre-judging session.
  3. All props and weapons must conform to the JordanCon weapons policy.
  4. No political or religious statements. No profanity. Exception would be if it is Wheel of Time related (Depose Elaida, Walk in the Light, Blood and bloody ashes, etc.).
  5. No nudity. No costume is no costume.
  6. No skits. Due to time constraints, we are not able to allow significant amounts of cosplay during the contest.
  7. Large and/or elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and any assistants provided by the contestant. JordanCon will not be able to provide assistants for you.
  8. Follow all directions provided to you by JordanCon staff. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.
  9. Picture taking is allowed (and encouraged!). We will have a room set up for the contestants to have their photos taken during & after the contest. We request that all contestants, and especially all winners, be willing to spend a few minutes after the contest to be available for photo ops.
  10. HAVE FUN!

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