Costume Contest

2022 Costume Contest Winners

Best In Show – Marcos Romero, Sita Romero, Theo Romero, and Brandee Anderson as Logain Ablar, Liandrin Sedai, and Red Aes Sedai.

Best Workmanship – April Davis as a Nym.

Master Class – Seth Lockhart, Kate Helmly, Stephen Helmly, and Steph Greear as four of the Heralds from Rhythm of War.

Journeyman Class – Chris Orndorff as Steampunk Ursula.

Novice Class – Liz Willoughby as the Bright and Fun Tinker.

Judge’s Choice

Judge Leslie – Jessica Jones as Pregnant Elayne.

Judge Redfield (Kathryn Paterwic) – Ruth Carnejo as Egwene at the Last Battle.

Judge Deana – Ris Harp as Blackbeard from Our Flag Means Death.
Found Object – Taffy Bennington and tWOTCast as The Best Hedge Mat and Rand Slept Under.
Audience Choice – Mike Chrobak as The Dark One’s Taint on the One Power

Pictures coming soon!


JordanCon Costume Contest Rules

General Guidelines

  • Contestants may choose to compete for juried awards or only for Judges Choice/Audience Choice
  •  Due to time constraints, we will be limiting the number of entries to the following:
    • We will accept the first 20 contestants to sign up who wish to be considered for juried awards. (Best in Show, Best in Class, or Best Workmanship)
    • Anyone else who wishes to participate may be eligible for Judges Choice or Audience Choice, but will not be pre-judged or considered for the Best of categories.
  • Mandatory pre-judging for juried entrants will take place at 4 PM in the Main Programing Room. Please arrive early or you may not be eligible for juried awards.
  • Participants who are not being pre-judged should arrive by 5PM 
  • Each entry will have approximately 1-2 minutes to present their costume while the emcee reads your pre-written description. Please write descriptions clearly and provide pronunciations, otherwise the Emcee will ad-lib at their own discretion. 


  • Registration will take place online via the Google Forms linked below, please fill out only one. Only 20 entries will be available for juried awards. An additional 15 openings will be available for Exhibition ( Judges choice or Audience choice awards only.) Entries will be taken on a first come first serve basis. Completion of form does not guarantee your space. You must arrive on time or your space may be forfeited.
  • Entries will be taken on a first come first served basis
  • No entries will be taken after 1 PM Saturday or after all slots have been filled, whichever comes first
  • Entry form for Juried Awards
  • Entry form for Exhibition Only


  • Entrants may enter one of the 3 classes (below).
    • Novice– Anyone who has never won a juried award before.
    • Journeyman– Anyone who has won 2 or fewer best in class awards or no more than 1 best in show.
    • Master– Anyone who has won best in show more than once or Best in Class 3 or more times.
  • Classes are determined by Placement in Previous Jordan Con Costume Contests only, however entrants may choose to enter in a higher class based on other factors.  Entrants may not enter a lower class. Group entries will be classified by the highest entrant in the group. 


  • The following awards will be given at the end of the contest:
  • Best in Show– The best overall entrant from all classes.
  • Best in Class– The best entrant from each class that is not also the Best in Show
  • Best Workmanship– The entrant with the best  workmanship who has not also won Best in Class or Show.
  • Judges Choice–  Each judge may choose to present an award to any contestant that does not also receive a Best of award. 
  • Audience Choice– This award will be chosen based on audience reaction.


  • Entrants will be judged on the following equally weighted criteria.
    • Accuracy (how well it matches the source material) 
    • Craftsmanship (how well constructed the self-made pieces are)
    • Presentation (the overall look and appeal of the entry) 


  • Entrants are expected to abide by the Jordan Con Code of Conduct.
  • Contestants should provide their own handlers for any large or obstructive costumes.
  • Contestants should be aware of any part of their costumes or props that may cause damage to the facilities or other contestants and take necessary precautions. If your costume is considered a problem by the organizers you may be asked to leave.
  • Children may enter but must be accompanied the entire time by an adult guardian who will be responsible for their needs.  

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