JordanCon Art Show Rules

Location & Schedule

The JordanCon Art Show and Print Shop will be held in the same ballroom as the Dealer Hall and Charity Auction, and all 3 will be open the same hours. Please note, all times shown are in Eastern Time.

    • Friday: Artist check-in is from 10 AM until 2 PM. The Art Show opens to the public at 2:30 PM on Friday and closes promptly at 7 PM. Bidding for the Silent Auction begins when the Art Show opens. Prints can also be purchased from the Print Shop during normal Art Show hours.
    • Saturday: Open 10 AM – 7 PM. Voting for Art Show Awards as well as bidding in the Art Show’s Silent Auction will both end promptly at 7 PM.
    • Sunday: 10 AM – 2:30 PM. The Art Show closes to the public at 2:30 PM. Artists are not to remove any artwork without first speaking to an Art Show Staff member. Before Artist checkout can begin, the Art Show Staff must verify sales and inventory before any art is removed from the space. Artist checkout begins approximately at 3:30 PM, and should run until 4:30 PM. 

Teardown of the show takes place in sections. As soon as you are checked out and artists in the adjoining panels or tables are checked out, teardown of that section will begin. Any art remaining in the room at 4:30 PM on Sunday will be removed by the Art Show staff to facilitate tear down. If you are an attending artist and haven’t removed your art and any remaining prints from the Print Shop before 4:30 PM, please be aware that we are not responsible for any damage that occurs, although our staff and volunteers will do their best to carefully remove your artwork.

The Rules

Note: If you won’t be attending JordanCon yourself, you can find additional rules pertaining to Mailed-In Art at the bottom of this list. All artists who purchase display space in our show are also eligible to put prints in our Print Shop, which you can learn more about here.

1. JordanCon reserves the right to refuse to display any artwork or prints at the sole discretion of the Art Show director(s).

  • Works that are judged to be libelous, plagiaristic, obscene or detrimental to known persons and/or to well-known or trademarked characters will not be permitted.
  • Only artists licensed by Tor Books or other current licensors will be permitted to sell or auction off Wheel of Time art at the show. However, fan artists are welcome to exhibit their original Wheel of Time art in the Art Show as a “Not for Sale” item.
  • AI created artwork will not be accepted at the JordanCon Art Show or Print Shop.

2. The deadline for reserving your display space is March 31, though generally, we sell out well before that time. We encourage you to purchase your space as early as possible. Please contact us at if you need assistance, have questions or would like to be added to our waiting list for the next show.

3. To participate in our Art Show, please fill out our form to purchase your display space on the JordanCon website. There are 2 main display options at JordanCon, flat tables and vertical panels. These are available either as a single table, a single panel, a table + a single panel, or a double panel (Large Bay).

    1. If you will be attending JordanCon in person, 
      • Art Tables
        • The cost for an art table is $25.
        • Tables measure approximately 2’ x 6’.
        • Artists are not able to purchase more than 1 table at this time.
      • Vertical Art Panels
        • Single Panels
          • The price for a single panel is $30.
          • A single panel is 8’ wide by 4’ tall. This panel will either be a flat 8’x4’ panel, or two adjoining 4’x4’ panels at a 90° angle.
        • Double panels
            • If you purchase 2 panels, you will see a discounted price of $45 reflected in your shopping cart. 
            • 2 panels provide a total display space of 16’ x 4’ of vertical hanging space. This space will be arranged as a solid 8’x4’ panel, flanked on either side by two 4’x4’ panels, forming a C shape.
      • Art Table + Single Panel
        • The cost is $55, $25 for the table and $30 for the panel.
        • Due to the limitations in laying out the Art Show space, your table and panel may not be adjacent to one another.
    2. All art space purchases include your membership badge for all three days of JordanCon.
    3. If you will not be attending JordanCon, there is a Mail-In Artist Fee of $10. So the costs for Mail-In Artists are $40 for 1 panel, $55 for two panels, $65 for a table + panel, or $35 for an art table.
    4. Our Art Show offers artist bays and tables for displaying work that will be included in our Art Show’s silent auction. We do not offer an Artist Alley option currently. If you’d like to be able to sit at a table and sell your work yourself, we encourage you to apply for the JordanCon Dealers Hall.

4. Due to space limitations, we are currently limiting all but our Artist Guest of Honor to no more than 2 panels, 1 table + panel, or 1 table. If you would like to purchase more space, however, please contact us to let us know. We will put your name on a list of artists who requested an additional bay, table or panel. If we still have space available after April 1, we will contact you and give you the opportunity to purchase additional space.

5. Your entry fee is required when you make your reservation for the show. We accept Square for reservation payments.

6. Check-In for our artists goes more quickly and more smoothly when we know in advance what art you will be putting in our show. To facilitate this, after you purchased your space, you will use our online submission forms to enter information about the pieces you will be bringing. Doing so enables us to have bid sheets ready for you to put on your art when you check-in at the show. Please submit your art via these forms well in advance of JordanCon. We do realize that sometimes a change becomes necessary, so you will be able to login and edit your entries in our submission forms up until the weekend before the show.

7. All artwork to be put in the show must be checked in during the Check-In process at the con on Friday. If any artwork is missing or forgotten during your initial check-in, we will be unable to check-in additional pieces at a later time because it adds too much complication to our record-keeping and inventory procedures. Please take advantage of the Art Submission and Print Shop Submission forms well in advance of the show to ensure you are ready to go when the doors open.

8. In case of cancellation, your money will be refunded only if your space is resold. No refunds will be issued for cancellations after March 31.

9. All flat art submitted for display in the Art Show how must be matted, mounted, framed, or otherwise finished in a way suitable for hanging to ensure that the artwork is undamaged while displayed in your space. If your artwork requires a horizontal surface for correct display, please purchase a table instead of a panel when you purchase your space.

10. Upon checking in at the show, each artist will be asked to review their control sheets, which contains the record of pieces they have brought with them to the show for display/sale. Upon checking out of the show, they will be asked to review and sign their control sheet, with adjusted sales totals. After the show, we will email each artist a copy of this control sheet to keep as a record of their participation. There is a similar process for prints checked in to the Print Shop.

11. Once entered in the show, no piece may be withdrawn before the close of the show, nor may the conditions of sale (amount of minimum bid, NFS status, etc.) be changed without the express approval of the Art Show director(s).

12. All art entered in the show for display and/or auction shall have a bid sheet affixed to it. (We will provide bid sheets at check-in to participating artists, which is one of the advantages of submitting a list of your art in advance.) All bid sheets will contain the following information:

  • Title of Art
  • Artist Name
  • Medium
  • Minimum Bid or Not for Sale (NFS)
  • Quick Sale Price (if desired)
  • Sunday Sale (after auction) price (if desired)

13. All art in the Art Show should be labeled with the Title of the work and the Artist’s Name on the back of the piece at minimum, independent of the bid sheet itself.

14. JordanCon is not responsible for theft or damage to pieces displayed. JordanCon does not provide insurance coverage for art displayed or sold at the show. While we make every reasonable attempt to protect your art, we recommend you verify that your insurance coverage extends to display in the show.

15. No food, drink, or photography (except by approved media or JordanCon staff) is allowed in the Art Show except in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited throughout the venue.

16. Any Art Show Silent Auction item may be purchased outright for the Quick Sale Price as long as there are no bids on the item. As soon as one (1) bid is made, it can no longer be purchased at the Quick Sale Price. The highest written bid at the close of the Silent Auction purchases the piece. Any for-sale items with no bids at the close of the auction may be purchased Sunday at the Sunday Sale (after auction) price, if one has been specified by the artist.

17. The Georgia Department of Revenue requires that appropriate sales tax for the venue MUST be paid on all Art Show sales. As a convenience to our artists, JordanCon will collect this tax on Art Show and Print Shop sales, fill out the Special Event Form required, and send it to the Georgia Department of Revenue on your behalf.

18. JordanCon will collect a 10% commission fee on all art sold at the show. A portion of this money will be donated to either the Mayo Clinic as an ongoing tribute to Wheel of Time creator, Robert Jordan, who received treatment there for cardiac amyloidosis, or to another approved charity.

19. The Art Show closes at 2:30 PM on Sunday; however, Artist check-out will not start until 3:30 PM. We need this time to verify sales and inventory before any art is removed from the space.

20. Teardown of the show begins after 3:30 PM on Sunday, as soon as artists are checked out of their spaces. To facilitate teardown, any art remaining in the room at 4:30 PM will be removed by the Art Show’s staff.

21. Agents, please send a letter of authorization in advance of the show or bring it with you when you check-in.

22. Artist/agents will be paid within 30 days of the close of the convention. All payments will be made out to the artist unless instructed otherwise in writing by the artist.

23. Artists agree to a Code of Professional Conduct, agreeing to not publicly insult, belittle, or attack other artists or artists’ work hanging in the Art Show or Print Shop.

24. A signed copy of these rules must be returned by all artists/agents as an indication that they have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules governing JordanCon’s display and sale of their work. Scans of signed forms submitted by email are also acceptable.

Print Shop:

The rules listed for the Art Show above also apply to the Print Shop. The rules below are exclusive to the Print Shop. Please read them carefully and sign and return a copy of these rules to indicate that you have read and understand them.

JordanCon is pleased to offer a Print Shop at the con for participating artists and former Artist Guests of Honor who would like to sell prints of their work at our show. There is currently no additional charge for this service; however, we do ask that artists limit the size and number of their prints as described below.

1. As Print Shop space is limited, we ask our artists to limit themselves to no more than 5 copies of up to 15 separate works. The Print Shop should have no more than 75 copies of your work at the start of the show.

2. All prints in the Print Shop should be bagged and boarded. The final size for each of your prints, when bagged and boarded, should be 16″X20″ or less. This is so they will fit easily within the bins in the Print Shop.

Note: Under very special circumstances we may be able to accommodate small numbers of larger sizes, but please contact the Art Show directors in advance to discuss such an exception to our normal rules. We cannot accommodate larger size prints if we do not know about them before the start of the show, and in some cases, it may simply not be possible to do so. To avoid disappointment, please contact us in advance.

3. All prints submitted to the Print Shop must have a sticker or label attached to the outside of the bag with the following information:

  • Piece ID. This number will be generated after the Art Submission process is closed.
  • Title of Art
  • Artist Name
  • Price
    (Please note: the JordanCon Art Show staff will provide pre-filled labels during Check-in to stick on your prints. Labels are printed on Avery® Multiuse Removable Labels so they are easier to remove from any unsold prints at the end of the show.)

4. JordanCon will collect a 10% commission on Print Shop sales. There will be no other fee for putting art in the Print Shop this year.

5. Submissions to the Print Shop will be done via an online Print Shop Submission Form very similar to the submission form used for Art Show entries. ALL Prints must be submitted online. No prints will be accepted onsite if they were not submitted in advance. You can enter and edit all Print Shop information up until the weekend before the show.

6. Titles on Prints cannot be changed onsite. All prints must be put in the show with the same names that were submitted online. We ask that all prints submitted to the Print Shop have a unique title. So for example, if you submit the same print but in multiple sizes, please consider “Print 1 – Large” and “Print 1 – Small.” Or if multiple pieces are titled Untitled, please consider “Untitled-1” and “Untitled-2.”

7. The Print Shop will accept items that are flat and fit within our size restrictions. Such items may be no thicker than 1/4″ and must be packaged in the same way that our prints are (bagged and boarded), OR else the artist must provide an appropriate display stand that can fit on a table. We reserve the right to refuse items submitted if for reasons of space or handling the Print Shop cannot accommodate them.

8. Once checked into the Print Shop, items cannot be removed except through purchasing the item. They are part of our inventory for the duration of the show. Artists wishing to gift a print to a friend should either wait until the item is checked out of the show or purchase the item themselves.

Mailed-In Art:

Preference for space in the show is given to artists/agents who will be attending JordanCon. Should the show sell out, there is a very small chance that your mailed-in art may get bumped from the show. Should that occur, we will send you an email on April 1, and issue a full refund. For this reason, we ask that you wait to send us your mail-in art until after that date. Your art must arrive prior to April 10th, to be included in the show. Please read the following additional rules that apply to mailed-in art very carefully:

1. Please be sure that you ship your art to us after April 1 and that it will arrive no later than April 10th.

2. Include a check to cover return shipping and insurance in the same amount as it cost you to ship your art to us. We will use this amount to return any unsold art to you. In the event all of your art sells, we’ll simply return your check.

3. All art must be accompanied by an inventory list, to enable us to double-check that all the art you meant to send us is there. If you have entered all of your pieces into the online submission forms prior to shipping, you can simply print it out and include that.

4. Prints submitted for the Print Shop must follow the rules listed above in the Print Shop section. Please ensure you have them labeled correctly, using the Piece ID that is generated when you submit them using our Print Shop form.

5. A signed copy of these rules must be included with your art. Scans of signed forms submitted by email are also acceptable.

6. Please be sure your art fits in the display space you bought and please allow room for the bid sheets, which are 4.25″X5.5”. If there is too much art for your space, the art show staff will decide which pieces to display and which not to display. If possible, send a simple diagram with your art of how you would like your space to be arranged and the art show staff will do their best to accommodate your wishes.

7. Your art will be well cared for, but JordanCon cannot be held responsible for art lost or damaged in shipping. Please send art in secure packaging, as the same package will be used to return any unsold items. Mail art to this address:

1425 Market Blvd., Suite 530-68
Roswell, GA 30076

JordanCon Professional Code of Conduct

Professional Conduct:

  1. Professionals (authors, artists, panelists, etc.) are expected to maintain a professional demeanor and treat all members of JordanCon (including other professionals) with courtesy, respect, and patience.
  2. Engage in constructive and inclusive discussions, avoiding personal attacks or demeaning language.
  3. Refrain from using discriminatory, offensive, or inappropriate language or imagery during presentations, discussions, or interactions.

Compliance with Laws and Venue Policies:

  1. Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, as well as the policies of the convention venue.
  2. Familiarize yourself with and adhere to any specific guidelines or rules provided by JordanCon regarding the use of facilities, equipment, and common areas.

Compliance with Code of Conduct:

  1. All attendees, professionals, staff, and volunteers are expected to comply with this Code of Conduct.
  2. JordanCon reserves the right to take appropriate action, including but not limited to warnings, expulsion from the convention without refund, or legal consequences if applicable, in response to violations of this Code of Conduct.

I have read, understand, and hereby agree to these rules for the JordanCon Art Show.

Name of Artist/Agent (Please Print): ____________________________________________

Signature of Artist/Agent: _____________________________________________________

Date: ________________________

Download the Form as a PDF, sign it, and bring it with you to JordanCon.

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