Guest Blog by Rosemary Williams

Okay, well maybe not officially, but by the time JordanCon is done this year, it will be! We shall release a horde of tiny, adorable krakens in the form of crocheted octopuses! (Octopi? Octopodes?)

Some of you may have noticed these adorable little beasties making the rounds last year. This year, Rosemary Williams is going to teach you how to make your own! I mean, look at these guys. How could you not want one? Or two? Or seventeen?

Tiny Crochet Kraken in many colors

For a $5 workshop fee, 25 lucky crafters will receive a crochet hook, and enough materials to make at least two tiny eight-armed friends. But we bet you won’t be able to stop there. Oh, no. The floodgates will open, and the krakens will spill out and soon the world will be ours! Ours! Muahahaha…ha…oh. Right.


So please, join the workshop and Crochet the Kraken!

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