It is my pleasure to announce that the 2023 JordanCon Charity Auction is live online. As we have in years before, we’re using The direct link is here.  We will be adding additional items to the Auction as we receive donation submissions. 

If you were already curious and went looking at the Auction page, you might notice we already have a number of items there for you to check out. Not a lot, but we’re hoping that will change in the very near future. “But Hopper,” you ask, “if I want to donate something to the Auction to help out, how would I go about doing that?” Well, my dear friends, we have a Google Form all set up so that you can tell us all about yourself and the items you’d like for us to have. For anyone who has donated in the past, you might notice the form only allows one item per submission. We had to do that to cut down on the back-of-house processing that was required to bring items from our submissions spreadsheet to the online auction.

I know there are a number of you who have already indicated you have some amazing items you’re planning to donate. If you’re ready to submit them, I’m sure we have people out there who are ready to start dreaming about budgeting and outbidding their best friends to own them.

If you do have something you’re donating that you’d rather not have to deal with packing in your luggage, please let me know and I’ll share a shipping address so that it gets here on time.

You may have also heard the Charities Division of JordanCon has been boosted to the Officer Level and now reports directly to our amazing Chair, Jennifer Liang. This is true, and as part of that change we’ve hired a new Charity Auctions Director, Larry Daniels. I am NOT just walking away from the Charity Auction. Larry, however, will give me the time and space to work on other events too.

I can’t wait to see you all in April.


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