As a new JordanCon Member, you will notice 3 things as you move through the convention space: ribbons, tiaras, and kilts. These are our traditions. I am sure you have already heard talk of ribbons in the group so let’s get started with those.


Ribbons are fancy accoutrements that are a must-have at JordanCon….now, there seems to be an unspoken competitionRibbons hanging in front of a door  between some in the JordanCon Family to see who can collect the most ribbons.

There are two kinds of Ribbons:

Official Con Ribbons (vendor, director, program participant, volunteer), and then there are a ton of “Fun Ribbons” you can get. From vendors to other attendees, ribbons abound.

Anyone can create a “fun ribbon”. One of the more popular places to get ribbons is  PC Nametag (please note: this is not an endorsement of this vendor).

Ribbons are placed on the bottom of your JordanCon badge using the adhesive on the top of the ribbon. Each additional ribbon is added to the bottom of the previous ribbon.  (see picture)

For some “fun ribbons,” the owner of the ribbons may ask you to complete a task….sometimes it is simply reciting a phrase…other times it might be to pledge your soul to The Dark One, so use your own best judgment in these circumstances.


Jen in a tiara


You will see many members adorned with a tiara or crown of some sort. While this is in no way required it is certainly fun.  Anyone that wishes to wear a tiara or crown is more than welcome to. In the past, we have coordinated a picture with everyone wearing their royal headpiece. I am sure we will make this happen again this year. Keep an eye out for more information on that. This wonderful tradition was started by our very own Creator, Jenn Liang. To get the full story you can check out this blog post.


Not to be outdone by our tiara/crown-loving crowd we have a contingent of attendees that have brought kilts into the fold (and we are so grateful for that). On the Friday of JordanCon, you will find quite a few members sporting kilts. A couple of them will even have a crown on to complete their outfit. You can find out more about the origin of “On Friday We Wear Kilts!” in this blog post.

This year we are adding a new tradition to our list: CouchCon!!


It started as just some people hanging out Sunday night after all the programming ended and has now grown into an Official “unofficial” part of JordanCon. Dubbed CouchCon because it started in the lobby, this is the time after JordanCon has ended but there is still fun to be had. Nowadays, we usually hang out in the Gaming Hall. We connect with friends we didn’t get to spend enough time with during the weekend. We game, we chat, we laugh, we reminisce, and we bond all over again. It is a wonderful tradition that forges new friendships and strengthens old ones.

There are more shenanigans that exist at JordanCon, some from Jordancon One, some a little more recent. And undoubtedly you and your new family will create some of your own. 

There is never any pressure to participate in any of these extracurricular activities but, all are welcome to join if and when they feel comfortable.

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