Daes Dae’mar!

This year’s convention game incorporates two of our favorite things at JordanCon – poker like the one on w88 for pc, and The Wheel of Time. The game play is open to all members and is a fun addition to your regular convention shenanigans. You must seek out new allies and conduct delicate negotiations to obtain just the right cards to achieve a winning hand. Anyone can play, few will win, but you cannot win alone.

Make new friends, or bitter enemies, by simply trading playing cards to obtain a straight flush. Lots of possibilities, so many potential allies, only two days to find the right five cards. To the victors, a copy of The World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time!

Rules for the Game

  1. Each player receives a hand of five randomized red and blue playing cards and can have no more or less than five cards at any time.
  2. Write your name legibly on each card in some conspicuous blank space, edges, etc.
  3. Find other players to trade with, you might ask conspiratorially “Do you play the game?”
  4. You may trade one card with each new player you ally with, trading a card with your name, perhaps others, for a card with their name, and perhaps others.
  5. The goal is to make any straight flush of all one-color deck, either red or blue, such as Ace-2-3-4-5 clubs, 4-5-6-7-8 spades, or 10-J-Q-K-Ace hearts, etc.
  6. You may trade each card up to four times, with each previous player’s name on the card along with yours, with a maximum of five names on each card.
  7. If a card is traded four times, there should be a total of five names on the card, including your own. Now, the card is locked and cannot be traded any further.
  8. You do not need to trade all of your starting cards, nor must you trade each card four times. It is encouraged for collaboration, however, and improves everyone’s chances of winning as your name appears on more cards along with your network of allies.
  9. When you have a straight flush of all red or all blue cards, turn them in, have them marked for confirmation, and drop them in to our drawing to win a copy of the World of Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time! There may be some additional secret prizes as well, you’ll have to play to find out. 
  10. So, choose your trades carefully, negotiate, make allies, form a house, a clan, or guild of collaborators seeking just the right trades. But most of all, seek out new players of the Game and make new friends.

Our Onsite Events Coordinator will be set up near the Registration desk for supplies and questions regarding game play. Stop by and see Daniel, join the fun, and try for your chance at the prize.

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