For the first time in JordanCon’s storied history, we have sold out!

While our experienced staff is prepared for hosting this many people, there will inevitably be some challenges. We want this to be a great experience for everyone involved.  That said, this post is going to focus on a few things we want everyone (new AND returning members) to keep in mind when you are on site.


Volunteering has always been important to the success of JordanCon, but in 2022 it will be even more crucial.  With so many people in attendance, our regular staff (who are also volunteers) are going to be faced with additional challenges and we need all the help we can get.

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet people and to help you feel more at home at the convention. The great thing about volunteering is you have control over when and where you can volunteer.  While the volunteer sign-ups have been occurring online, you can still sign up to help out onsite by visiting the Volunteer Room in Maplewood A. There are roles available to fit nearly everyone across all aspects of the convention and at times that allow you the flexibility of schedule so you don’t miss out on the things that are important to you.


There are going to be a lot of us and we are all excited to see and do the same things. That means there will likely be some queues and waiting. This year patience will not only be a virtue, it will be a requirement. Expect some wait times for Registration, the elevators, the hotel restaurant, and ConSuite. There will also be more people participating in panels and workshops and the rooms are only so large. We have capacity limits for our track rooms that are set by fire and safety codes, so even though we would like to get everyone into the panels they want to see, it may not be possible to accommodate everyone.

Movement through the Dealers’ Hall, the Art Show, the Authors Alley, and the convention space in general is going to require higher situational awareness and plain old good manners. With all this in mind, here are some tips that should make your experience at JordanCon 2022 the best yet:

1. Plan ahead 

If there is a panel or Workshop you want to attend, plan to get there early. Many of the Workshops have sign-ups, so keep an eye out for those notices to make sure you don’t miss out.  Also, make sure you take a little time to look over the hotel map. If you are queueing, please be mindful of the flow of traffic and do not block doorways or emergency exits.

2. Be Prepared to Wait 

At the elevators, at the restaurant, when checking in, at the ConSuite, at Registration, in the Gaming Track… just everywhere, y’all. If you come in with the attitude that there is going to be a bit of a wait, you will be pleasantly surprised when the wait isn’t so bad. The reality is there are going to be quite a few people and we are all just going to have to be in “Chill Mode.” Channel your inner Zen Rand. Please be considerate to those who may have difficulty waiting in line due to Accessibility concerns. 

3. Situational Awareness 

With so many people coming together to enjoy the weekend, make sure to be aware of the space you are in and consider how you are interacting with others in that space. And we know for some of you it’s been a couple years since you’ve seen your besties – and con is a time to celebrate! – but please continue to keep others in mind if downing any Horneater White. 

We all have the common goal of having a great time this weekend and we are all going to have to put in some level of effort to make it happen.

But don’t worry! We plan on keeping that same homey family feeling that JordanCon has always had. Our family has just grown.

Welcome home!



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