And now, a special message from our Director of Charity Events, Jeff “Hopper” Bernard:

♫♪Something’s happening here. What it is, is actually clear. There’s a lady with some ink over there. Sayin’ she’ll do henna tattoos (for charity!) this year.♪♫

Our resident henna master Kalyani Poluri has offered to donate her time and skills to help support our Charity Events fundraising this year. Some of you may remember Kalyani from the before times. She is absolutely amazing, and we’re thrilled that she wants to help us again.

She will have henna designs with set prices that you can choose from. If you have your own design that you’d like her to do, the price will be $1 per minute for the duration of the tattoo. Charity Events will accept the payments (we get the easy part) and Kalyani will put the art on you. Kalyani has absolute authority on deciding whether she’ll use your designs and where on your body she won’t work.

If you would like to get a fantastic henna tattoo, please come to the Charity Auction and we’ll contact her. She expects to be spending her time in the Charity Auction/Dealer Hall/Art Show for most of the weekend, so it’s likely she’ll be able come over pretty quickly. If she’s not immediately available, such as actively working with someone else, we’ll work out a time for you to come back, if possible. Please remember that she is one person who may like to enjoy other parts of JordanCon and is under no obligation to spend her entire weekend doing henna. We appreciate any time she’s willing to donate.

We all really look forward to seeing her art walking around JordanCon.

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