JordanCon is proud to announce this year’s Charity RPG guest players:
Author (and medieval scholar) Emily Leverett
Author (and biomedical mathematician) David Ekrut
Author (and multi-industry consultant) James Nettles
Author (and political activist) Christine Amsden

Read about these and all of our Guests right here!

The game takes place on Friday (4/22) at 4:00pm in Main Programming Room ‘C’!

Read below to find out how YOU can affect the outcome of the game!


And now, a word from SF Track Director Sean Hillman:

At JordanCon, everyone can hear you scream…

The Salient Station is on the deep frontier, thousands of light years from the core worlds. Every six months a replacement crew arrives to relieve a third of the station’s crew. A crew will often be kept in cold storage until needed, but they are left on a timer. If no one comes for them, the station’s MOTHER will awaken the replacements in times of danger. After all, MOTHER knows best…

Once again, JordanCon is happy to announce our Charity RPG! This year we will be bringing you three (ish) hours of gaming live, with four guests pitting their dice and heroics against the dangers of Salient Station, an isolated science lab on the edge of known space. What dangers await the characters? What strangeness lies within the bowels of Salient Station? And more important, how can you get involved?

Glad you asked. As always every dollar earned from the Charity RPG goes to JordanCon’s favorite charity, the Mayo Clinic. In years passed we have allowed folks to purchase various pieces of help or hindrance for the players and sometimes even the game master. This year, though, we are going to do it differently. You, the members, will be able to purchase a ticket to the event through our Charity team. Your $10 ticket comes with a token that allows you to affect the outcome of what is happening, either for the players or against them. We have an exciting array of options for you to choose from! Of course, you can always just donate to the game, if you wish.

More details (including a hint or three about who are players will be) will be coming soon! Stay tuned to JordanCon’s social media in the coming days!

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