Welcome to the Completely Not-at-All Accurate WoT Show Meme Recap!

(Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 1-6)

Panel 1: Young Siuan channels behind her father. Panels 2 and 3: Her father's ropes detangle. Panel 4: Visibly angry, her father says, "You call that a Cat's Cradle?"

Episode 6, titled “The Flame of Tar Valon,” begins with a young Siuan Sanche and her Father on a boat. (Don’t you ever forget!) He’s struggling with a knot and she channels to help him out. He chides her because they live in Tear where channelers, even women practitioners, are not liked. Well, his wariness was not unfounded as neighbors must have seen Siuan channel at some point. They arrive to their dock as their home burns to the ground. Knowing it is no longer safe for Siuan, Papa Sanche sends her off alone to the White Tower.

Fast forward to the show’s present where we meet the head of the Aes Sedai, the Amyrlin Seat.

Panel 1 and 2: Leanne says, "Attend you, all. She comes. The Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon. Panel 3: David Rose stands in front of the Amyrlin Seat looking FABULOUS.

Once seated, Siuan calls for the false Dragon to be brought before her. Logain, unfortunately, does not live by the old adage, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Logain: "Do you know what they say about you, Aes Sedai, the further you get from this Tower? That you are weak. Weaker than you have ever been. A hundred years ago, if a man stood up and said he was going to the White Tower to throw the Amyrlin Seat from her throne, no one would follow. They'd kill me for even suggesting it. But when I said I was coming for you... I had an army at my back within the year. And even your little parade, showing off your prize... You know what the people will remember? They will remember that one man fought against nine women, nine mighty Aes Sedai, and that I still staked that Green to the wall." Siuan: "Sir, this is a Wendy's."

Once Logain is taken away, the Amyrlin turns her attention the the sisters who gentled him. She shows no patience for their circumstances and announces penance for Liandrin who was in charge when it happened.  But Liandrin is not one to lie down without shouting, “SHE STARTED IT!”

Siuan: You left the Tower two years ago. Where have you travelled? Moiraine: I'll do you one better, who have I traveled? Drax: I'll do you one better, WHY has she traveled?

Siuan was having none of their bull and retired to think on penance for them both.

Elsewhere Moiraine’s eyes and ears did their job, and she finally found Rand and Mat.

Top Text: Moiraine cures Mat of attachment to Shadar Logoth Dagger circa 998 NE. Image of Buster and Lucile bluth with mouths way too close.

Oh, and Rand continues to look like a certain Jedi.

Rand brandishing sword; "No, I won't let you hurt him!" Lan, pushing Rand down onto the bed: "It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground."

Moiraine’s eyes and ears also lead her to Perrin and Egwene. Egwene is much happier to see Moiraine than Rand was and she eagerly tells the blue of their plight. She ends her story by letting Moiraine know she took something very special from Valda.

Egwene: I took something from them. Egwene hands over an electric kettle. Egwene: "Now if Valda wants to make tea, he'll have to use the microwave. Moiraine looks perpelexed.

That night, Moiraine and Siuan meet via the use of a Ter’angreal. The tension between them is completely gone, and they’re even revealed to be very… close. They have both been looking for the Dragon Reborn for twenty years and with Moiraine being so close to the end of her journey, they’ll have to keep up their fake rivalry.

The next day, before Siuan can sentence Moiraine, our favorite Blue has a run in with our least favorite Red (So far).

Moiraine as Borat: This is my neighbor, Liandrin. She is pain in my backside. I become Aes Sedai, she become Aes Sedai. I find Dragon Reborn, she find Dragon Reborn. Her's is false Dragon, mine is not. Great Success!

WIth Liandrin out of camera shot, Moiraine continues to prepare for “The Plan.” Step one: recruit help from one of the Builders.

Moiraine: Glory to the builders! Ned from Spiderman Homecoming stares at Moiraine in disbelief as he holds his lego deathstar

And then it was time for Moiraine’s penance. Siuan was not kidding when she said they would have to keep up their ruse, she even pulled out the Oath Rod to help sell it.

Siuan: Say the oaths, Moiraine Sedai. Moiraine grabs the oath rod, "I solemly swear... that I am up to no good.

Now exiled from Tar Valon, Moiraine is free to do what she needs. She meets up with the Emond’s Field Five and Loial at a Way Gate and explains to them that they may not all survive. They follow her anyway. Well, most of them do. The Episode closes as the Way Gate does so, as well, behind our cast with one notable exception.

Rand, Labeled as "me trying to get my cat to do anything." says, "Mat? What are yo doing?" Mat, labeled as my cat, looks down. Rand/Me says: "Come on Mat!" Mat/cat looks away.

The episodes keep getting better and better! Episode 6 brought in a lot of the Aes Sedai politics from the later books and made it very compelling. A large chunk of the episode was just sisters talking in the sitting room with not much movement, but I was on the edge my seat for every word spoken. But it wasn’t all Aes Sedai debates, as the rest of our cast is back together and heading through the Ways! Well, most of them. It’s a shame Barney couldn’t continue past this point. He was excellent as Mat all season long! But I hope he is doing okay and wish him well.

It’s hard to do a comparison for what was and wasn’t in the books for this episode as both all of it and none of it was in the books. Individual interactions from the books were tweaked and put in different locations. All of the characters are going in the same direction as they were in the books, their paths are just slight different. Moiraine’s exile was definitely new and the use of the Oath Rod was surprising, but that does come up later. Now we have precedent that it can be used for more than just the three Oaths. Plus, Moiraine can’t be called back so easily by Maigan or any of the other Blue Sitters. Even Moiraine and Siuan’s relationship felt like something pulled out of New Spring and brought forward. Despite the new context, everything is recongizable and just feels right. Loial continues to be perfect, and the very small bit of the Ways we got gave me chills. The next episode cannot get here fast enough!

Now it’s time for your free meme template! This one comes from the current episode, and it involves Egwene and Nynaeve.

1. Egwene (Labeled as Slytherin) smiles as Siuan/Dubmledore says off panel: "And the house cup goes to..." 2. Egwene looks shocked as the voice off panel says, "GRYFFINDOR!" 3. Egwene stares shocked at Nynaeve who is labeled Gryffindor

Now let’s see what you’ve got! What caused Egwene to glare at Nynaeve?

Until next week, remember: the Wheel memes as the Wheel wills.Egwene and Nynaeve meme blank

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