Last year has passed and all of us are likely winding down. There was the post-Con high, the post-Con low, a few days of trying to figure out what kind of people we want to be (work in progress), and now we need to look ahead. To be honest, I have already had those discussions, small ones, with Nancy, the SF Track Manager, and my bosses in programming.


Next year is coming quick, and that means we have to digest what we learned this year and roll it forward into next year. One of the biggest lessons is that there is an interest in the psychology of SF and that is something we will continue to work with . There are tons of potential panels in that vein alone. I also think that, with a few exceptions, the zeitgeist of SF is more interesting to people than specific works. I want to honor this idea, but I also want to re-emphasize the literary nature of JordanCon and talk more about books. We have a few ideas along that line too. A comparison of religions in various works might be a good one.

And we may see the return of the Wheel of Time tie-in panel. It has been a few years since we did The Wheel of Space Time and talking about WoT as a space opera or potential space opera could be fun. Finally, I intend to get us out of our seats in out-of-traditional panels at least once. Of course we will always be accessible in our content, but having a more dynamic panel is an experiment I want to try.

But as always, I am open to your ideas. The inbox for is always open.

Next week we will get back to books and talk about contemporary authors.

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