JordanCon’s SF track has been around for seven years now, though I have only been running it for six of those years. It has been an enormous pleasure and privilege to do so. I think I have mentioned this before, but my intention was to only run the track for three years. Three years would be a good run, yeah? Well they keep asking me back and I keep saying yes. I know quite a lot, but I am hardly what one might call an expert. I have not read or seen all the old classics or all of the new classics. Which brings me to the stars we had as panelists this year.  I have a hard time picking just one, though the Cryptids panel and the Psychology of Fear panel were both very well attended. Standing room only in one case.

Also, thank you to the members of the Cult of Murder Lizard Spy Perplexed. You know who you are. #thecultgrows

However, there were times when I imagined the track as one of the eponymous cryptids that we talked about in our track. The growth of the track has been noticeable and our small group of SF track groupies has grown as well, but there is room for plenty more. I will talk about next year’s plans in the next blog. But I want to say that what works for the membership is not always what we offer. Some panels are hits and some are misses, and even when I or the crew are passionate about a particular subject, it may not be something you have interest in. And that is okay, because we are learning and experimenting and finding a good audience. Thank you for those who drop in and for those who have not yet, the door is always open. Except that one panel because we had room limits and it was full.

Part III will be about next year and Part IV will talk a little about why we SF.

Stay frost, chummers.


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