As we’ve shared before, there have been a few changes to the Con this year due to our COVID-19 safety protocols. Charity Auction did not escape these changes. There are a few things you all should know about.

First, for this year at least, we’ve moved back in with the Art Show and Dealers Hall. We’re sharing a much bigger room, and you won’t be able to miss us when you enter. We’re the first thing you’ll see. You’ll have to come through us to get to the Art Show and the Dealers.

Secondly, the Charity Auction will have no paper bid sheets anywhere. We will be using to conduct all the bidding. The link for the JordanCon Charity Auction is Everything that has been submitted so far has already been set up on the website. Please feel free to browse the auction. There’s some amazing stuff in there and we expect to be adding more items as we get closer. The auction will open on Saturday, July 17, 2021, at 10 a.m. EDT.

It is NOT TOO LATE to submit more items that you would like to donate. Please make any submissions to the JordanCon Charity Donation Submission Form. We need these submissions by July 9, 2021.

JordanCon WILL NOT SHIP ANY ITEMS. Only people in attendance may bid. Anybody not attending is welcome to make arrangements to find a proxy attending JordanCon to bid on, pay for, and pick up Auction items. JordanCon will not coordinate this. All items must be picked up Sunday before noon and again, JORDANCON WILL NOT SHIP.  

Please understand that NONE of these items are guaranteed until they’ve been handed over to us. At this point, this is only what we’ve been told will be there. Any of these items may be pulled from the auction if they don’t make it to Atlanta.

We look forward to seeing you all in just a few weeks. And to help tide you over, here are a few items up for sale in this year’s Charity Auction! Enjoy. 

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