Love Spensa, David, Joel, Alcatraz, and their associates?  Tune in as the Sanderson track launches into discussing Branon Sanderson’s young adult and middle-grade works.  The focus of the panel is on Skyward and Starsight, but elements of The Reckoners, Alcatraz vs The Evil Librarians, and The Rithmatist are discussed. Note: Full Spoilers are discussed for those series.

Some of the topics include:
Do the characters share similarities?
Will Sanderson give Brade a redemption arch?
Dion use of “they” as default pronoun.
Moments of squee in the worlds.

On the weekend of April 24, 2021, join a live Q&A session for the panel.  The panelists and moderator will be taking questions in the #SandersonTrack chatroom on JordanCon’s Discord group. The official session will start one hour after the panel goes live.

The Cosmere will return to take over discussions at JordanCon 2021 in July.  Join us then for speculations about The Lost Metal, our thoughts about Rhythm of War, and more!

Ashley Chappell (callsign: Cat Lady)
Daci Cole (callsign: Blue)
Paige Vest (callsign: Blade)
Deana Whitney (callsign: Braid) – moderator

If you want your own Doomslug toy, visit the JordanCon Worskhop blog: Space Slugs.

If you are wondering “Why are they wearing tiaras and hats?” JordanCon loves its shenanigans, even from a distance.

Send questions or comments to the Sanderson Track: sandersontrack[at]

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