How many of you like great music? How many of you like to dance? Well, the Saturday Night JordanCon Dance Party is for you! 

Every year, we have an awesome themed dance party that is DJ’d by none other than Mr. Paul Bielaczyc. If you don’t know who Paul is, by Saturday night you probably will. Paul is in charge of the Dealers Hall and the Art Show.

Here is a little history of this awesome dance party. It all started at the 2nd JordanCon when Paul was bored on that Saturday night and asked if he could set up a dance party and Jay Duro (He will be the person walking around with cookies at the Con. I know that sounds a little strange, but trust me that they’re good!) had some speakers and so they got together and put on a great party. 

After that, Paul was asked to do another dance party at the 3rd JordanCon, and he has done so ever since. 

Every year the dance has a theme. This year it is the Roaring 20’s. You can dress in costume, wear your favorite cosplay, or come as you are.

So if you want to have a great time and shake your booty, your moneymaker, or what your mama gave ya on the dance floor, make sure you don’t miss the awesome JordanCon dance party. You won’t regret it!!

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