JordanCon is more than just panels; it is a chance for some hands-on activities. Every year Deana Whitney, Workshop Director, looks far and wide to come up with amazing workshops for con-goers to attend. The best part about the workshops is you don’t have to be familiar with The Wheel of Time to enjoy them. It is perfect for those of you who are attending with a fan but haven’t read the books.

While some of the workshops require preregistration before the con, you can register for most at the con.  The signup sheets for workshops can be found near the registration desk. Be sure to ask when you check-in where to go to register for workshops. There is a cost to some workshops. The fee should be paid directly to the workshop instructor. Exact change is appreciated.

Workshops for JordanCon 2020

  • Sign Language with Saki Marie – Easy conversational ASL signs for use in social situations.
  • Braid Tugging with Melisa Grooms – Learn some great hair up-do styles perfect for the JordanCon Dance.  Limit: 12, over 12+
  • Fascinator Hats with Molly Weiss ($3) – Create a fascinator, bring a 12”x15” material to match or pick from the supplies. Fee: $3.00
  • Dragon Eggs with Tina Pierce ($10) – Create scalemail eggs for your own horde Class Fee: $10.00 Class limit: 12, age 8+
  • West Coast Swing Dance – Meet people while learning this partnered dance. Partners will rotate. 
  • Needle Felting with Karen Ahlstrom ($5) – Create 3D shapes with felted fibers. Class Fee: $5.00   Class Limit: 10 students, age 12+
  • Friendship Bracelets ($3) – The art of tying knots to create beautiful designs and a token of friendship.  Class Fee: $3.00. Class limit: 15, age 8+
  • Designing Book Interiors – Presentation on designing printed book interiors for self-publishers.
  • Drunk Writers – Writing workshop.
  • Foam Axe Construction ($4) – Learn foam crafting by making a small hand axe. 2-hour class, Class limit 12 age 15+. Fee: $4.00
  • Belly Dance Class – Shimmies and more to create new belly dance combinations.
  • Black Work with Linda Taglieri ($5) – Classic hand sewing technique to create borders and trims. Class Fee: $5.00. Class limit: 8, age 8+
  • Hand Quilting Techniques ($5) – Learn hand quilting techniques on a 12”x12” potholder. Class Fee: $5.00. Class limit: 15, age 12+

Be on the lookout for Workshop Director, Deana Whitney’s, blog for more details about the upcoming workshops. Any questions about workshops can be sent to