Will JordanCon 2020 be your first time attending? If so, let me be the first to welcome you home. As you will soon find out, we are more than a con, we are a family.

Whether you are new to Cons or just new to JordanCon, there is a lot of information to soak up. In the hopes of making that process a little easier, the New Member Services team will be presenting a series of informational posts called New Member Monday. These posts will cover:

  • How to Enter the Costume Contest
  • Workshops & How to Sign Up
  • The Awesome Saturday Night Dance Party
  • The Amazing Art Show
  • The Charity Auction
  • How to Volunteer
  • The Gaming Track
  • Spoiler Free Panels
  • Ribbons, Tiaras, and Kilts

We will also be answering any questions y’all have. Feel free to submit your questions to us via email at newmemberservice@gmail.com, or message me (Ebony Adomanis), Brandon Word, or Arthur Gibson.