There are only three weeks and change to go now and of course the SciFi Track is prepping for the final few weeks. Time for some details on what we will be doing at JordanCon 2019! Plus, I want to talk about getting out of our comfort zones.

Is this how your crew rolls?

Friday Panels

As always we have four panels on Friday and they set the tone for our weekend. I will give a brief overview of each one. Here is the link to the schedule as a whole.

What’s New In Science?

Every year we start off with this panel, a discussion of science and the discoveries that provide ideas for the fiction. Our panelists are knowledgeable in their fields as well as general science. If you have some expertise, please feel free to join in the discussion and offer up topics. As always, questions are welcome.

SF Feminist Literature

Women have been creating SF for as long as there has been SF. As we move into our modern era, ‘feminist’ is an ever-changing label and aims to be very inclusive. With that in mind, come discuss with our panelists some of your own feminist literature in SF and perhaps discover new ideas and authors to follow.

Flashback Friday: Farscape & Science Fiction Fantasy

Fridays are going to be for flashbacks from now on! This is a new concept that let’s us specifically tap into beloved old shows that shaped our love of SF. This year it is Farscape, a show much beloved by me and by others. Farscape broke some ground in its day and like other shows, died too young. Never seen Farscape? Well you are in for a treat then. Come on in and see what it was about.

Friday Fandom Smackdown

Are you ready for the Smackdown this year! Do you have your team ready and your spot chosen? We have six categories of fandom this year and space for six teams. Ribbons for everyone and Medals for the winners! Folks are welcome to come and cheer on the teams as well!

To the everlasting glory of the infantry…

“…I’ve never been a racehorse…”

It may be no secret that Starship Troopers is one of my favorite books. Part of the reason for this is the through processes of the protagonist on the first page, where he describes the anxiety he feels even though he has been trained and conditioned to not feel fear. Jumping out of a space ship into combat I imagine would make one nervous, but most of us can understand how uncomfortable even familiar situations can be. Let alone something new and different.

Science Fiction can be new and different. The best works take us out of familiar places and ask us hard questions. It is not always comfortable and the line between hero and villain be thin. SF can questions our reality and our dearly held beliefs and this is not always a fun read or watch.

But there is joy to be discovered in SF. Yes it asks hard questions but it gives us permission to ask hard questions right back. Sometimes there is no answer, but often times there is an answer or the beginning of one. I promise you there is great joy in JordanCon’s SF Track; joy in the asking and in the answering with worlds to be discovered where more joy may be found. It won’t always be comfortable, but it will always be wonderful.


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