Chapter 8

KIP again! I feel a bit like a yo-yo, here!

So, Isa and Ram are dead, Sanson and Kip are not. Sanson bolts off and runs towards the village. Kip distracts the soliders from Sanson by running the other way. Of course they see him and give chase, at least, two mounted soldiers do. They are lower ranking than some others Kip has seen, he can tell by the armor and probably their age. That’s when this really gets interesting.

I have to admit I’ve been waiting for Kip to draft something for 7 chapters now. He’s the son of the Prism, for crying out loud. Apparently, Danavis has been trying to get him to draft something for a while, or, at the very least has been training his eyes to see the differences in the colors that HE’S drafted. Kip trips over a log and falls. (Put in a pin in the tears for a minute, I’ll be back to that.) In fear of his life, with these two idiots baring down on him with their sickle-like swords (I’m probably going to have to remember the name for that, aren’t I?), he drafts Green. Not a bad idea, since he seems to be surrounded by it. Now, this is the cool part, the GRASS elongates and shapes into spikes embedded in the ground, entrenching Kip behind them. Naturally, these two don’t have time to slow down and run their horses right into the spikes, impaling and killing them. The force bucks them off and onto the next rows of spikes, impaling and killing them, too! Sure, one gets a lucky yell about a “GREEN DRAFTER” out before he dies, but since no one else is around and Kip doesn’t stick around after the grass disappears , leaving corpses full of green dusted holes behind him as he bolts off towards the orange grove.

I mean… sure I was expecting him to draft something. I was even expecting a weapon, like a magical sword or a shield of of light! But… the GRASS? Hippies, unite! Greenpeace, here’s your out! Where are the ENTS?

And let’s just go back to Kip, who just tripped over the log for a moment. This is a sixteen year old kid, who just watched people he didn’t know die, ran all the way back to the village where he told someone else, who’s going to work on the townspeople, and handed him a bag of coins to get out of town and go save his friends… which he failed to do because they’re stubborn teenagers! He then watched a girl he had a crush on get shot down like a dog in the stream and Ram, who he looked up to… *sighs* Now, he’s praying he made enough noise to cover Sanson’s running off, and beating himself up for tripping over a branch he didn’t see and crazy pain in his shin. Even if there wasn’t something funky about that wound (??? MAYBE???) and he just got a bruise out of it (I’ve done that, Big Bada Bruise!), the kid has been through hell for the last few hours. Bad timing, sure, I get that. Don’t have time to give in, sure, sure. But for all the things he’s been through in his life, this mess was never a part of it! I’m proud of him for standing up and for him finding enough pride not to die like that (a Green can appreciate the sentiment!) and for finding the strength to do something he’s never done before (isn’t that usually how that works?) and get out of the situation! GO KIP!

Chapter 9

And now we’re bouncing back to Gavin again. He jumped off a building and ran down to the docks to meet Karris before she got on the boat or had a change to read the note the White had given her. (Yeah, hang on, I’ll get back to that in a second). Here’s a tidbit about this magic system that Gavin thinks about as he’s falling from the top of the Chromeria. This magic has a by-product: Luxin. Magic is summoned and when it burns, it creates luxin, which can then be used to make other things like armor or weapons.

Now, in the last chapter when Kip did his Green grass trick, the only mention of a by product was the green dust in the bloody holes on the corpses. So, then. Does it take a certain level of skill or maybe a level of blowing stuff up to make luxin in a solid shape? Is the dust left by the grass trick about to be collected and smelted into luxin?

Now back to Gavin and Karris. It’s obvious he still cares for her. There’s nothing (that I remember, at least) that says the Prism can’t marry. They were betrothed before. She obviously likes him and doesn’t hold the broken betrothal against him. So, what gives?

This time, he’s blaming his brother for the broken betrothal and says that one of his 7 great deeds before he’s dead is to tell Karris the truth about all of it. A truth that might ruin everything. The truth about what he did and why he did it.

OK, let me just have this for a second… what if everyone thought he killed his brother? And the fact that he didn’t is one of the things he’s hiding? I don’t understand why his brother is still alive, anyway, unless Gavin needs him to siphon magic off of, but beyond that. Is that what would ruin everything? It’s somewhat clear that Gavin is the only one who knows what’s down there. Someone has to know there’s something down there, because it’s gotten out a few times and people have died. So, did he have to break the betrothal with Karris to become the Prism and keep watch over his brother’s prison?

Bleh, more questions than answers, there.

The chapter ends with Gavin volunteering to take Karris to Tyrea on his way to Ru, which is a good distance away. I think there’s an ulterior motive here and he’s not actually after the Blue wight he says he’s after in Ru. He doesn’t want Karris to find out about his son before he does. He’s just using his flirting and Karris’ affection and disdain for sailing, to kill two birds with one stone.