You read that right! We’re getting THREE chapters this time and, guess what? THEY’RE ALL ABOUT KIP!

Chapter 10

Alright, Kip made it to the Orange Grove and collapsed and we have him waking up, here. A little time has passed, but no one has come after him. From on top of the ruin of a statue, he watches the town burning and the lancers of the King’s army swoop in to kill anyone trying to leave the burning village. There’s no sign of his mother or Master Danavis, and he just watches them cut down people while he tries to put together a plan. He wanted to get into the town, but couldn’t find a way to get in without dying in the process. Has Sanson made it?

Before he can get too far with his plan, however, he hears voices of people looking for the “drafter,” so he’s got to get out of there. He creeps down to the river, because the people hunting him have dogs. He hopes the water will help them lose his scent. He loops around and doubles back, catching up with the soldiers who go off the other direction.

Then he finds a cave where heat and light are filtering through and goes to investigate.

Chapter 11

As he gets into the cave, he sees two people Sanson (YAY!) and his mother. Both are covered with blood and his mother’s head has been bashed in. If this is how she always treats him, I really don’t feel too bad for her, by the way. She explains that Sanson’s family refused to believe that the King was going to destroy the village until he’d started slaughtering people. Sanson couldn’t get anyone to listen, so he left them, found Kip’s mother, and got them out of the village before the perimeter was set. Obviously, not soon enough to keep severe damage from befalling Kip’s mother, though.

In the middle of all of her bad mouthing Kip, she gives him a dagger in a wooden box and begs him to promise to kill “him.” Kip does promise to avenge her and allows himself a moment of grief when she passes away. He believes the “him” she is talking about is the King, but I wonder if it’s not his father she wants dead? She used the word “Avenge” but, from her point of view, Gavin leaving her in Tyrea with his son while he went to the Chromeria to be the Prism could be a betrayal, too.

Kip knows he and Sanson have to get out of there and get to the Chromeria for training, so he doesn’t spend a lot of time in the cave once she’s dead. At least, he does. Sanson’s wounds are minor, so they’re ok there. Kip is still fine, not even a bruised shin. He has lost the purse that Master Danavis had given him before he left for the bridge, though.

Chapter 12

This chapter is all about their plan of escape. The boys decide to float down the river, past the village and get free that way. This would mean they have to cross by the lines and bridges, so they’ll have to pretend to be dead. This gets difficult a few times, as Kip gets flipped over once and has an urge to help Isa as they float past her and the bridge again. There’s a guard waiting for someone to do that, though, so they keep floating by, fighting the urge to cry.

I like this quote in particular here, “No decision was a decision.” As it is, Weeks, as it is.

They float near an island, where all of the animals have fled the fires and death of the village. There’s a drafter there, Red, apparently, and what appears to be his apprentice. They are watching the animals, and the drafter gives the apprentice a chance to try a draft that he’d just done, thrown a lasso of flame around the end of the drawbridge. The apprentice overdoes it and his rope becomes more of a whip.This startles the draft horse on the drawbridge and the horse and a few other animals fall off the bridge into the river. Kip and Sanson pulled up on the ledge to keep the other two from seeing them and seeing the draft horse in the water, a strong swimmer, unlike the other animals that had fallen in, and with the drafter yelling at the apprentice, Kip dashes off for the drawbridge.

AND THE CHAPTER ENDS!! The next chapter is about Gavin again!

So, now I’m yelling at the book. Is Kip going after the horse? Is Kip going to do something else insane? I’m hoping Sanson followed, at the very least!

Man, I got spoiled with three straight chapters, even if they were short.