Chapter 5-

I get the feeling I’m going to say this a lot, but,


He’s made it to the bridge (remember he was going there to warn his friends before the army got there and either killed them or took them as slaves). Naturally, his friends don’t believe him. Ram, the oldest, tries to get the others to leave he and Isa alone to say “goodbye” properly and Kip can’t seem to impress upon them how dead serious he is.

Interestingly, the bridge, called Green Bridge, is a leftover luxin bridge from that war 16 years ago. What ho, what is this? Allow me to paraphrase, but RIGHT THERE Weeks verifies my twisted machinations for that war so long ago. Tales say that GAVIN GUILE led his army through there on his way to crush his evil brother Dazen Guile (we know the name of the prisoner, now!). Excuse me while I pause and gloat inwardly! Yeah, yeah, he wasn’t exactly hiding that possibility but I NAILED IT! Mwahahahahahcoughcoughcough. OK, onward. Gavin drafted that bridge “By himsef. In seconds.” OK, ok, I’m impressed. Might’ve taken a pair of matched Aes Sedai at least a day to do that. I’m guessing it’s green because that’s what color he drafted when he made the bridge. Is there a particular reason why he used green and not another color?

He finally convinces them to move and it’s too late. Isa gets spooked and bolts off and someone orders her death. Blue bolts from an archer take her down and Zip is dumbfounded (cut him some slack, he’s young and that’s probably the first friend he’s ever seen die). He and the other two boys are hiding from the army.

The soldiers mention that this is their hometown, to which the solider giving orders, then ordered the town burned and “Kill them all.”

Umm… wow. Talk about merciless! Don’t get me wrong, I totally get the need to not allow sentiment affect the message he’s supposed to make by destroying this town. Morale is going to take a hit, though…

Chapter 7

Now back to Gavin with the home front…

I have to admit, I love the interaction between The White and Gavin. The relationship between them feels both respectful and filled with humor, but not completely relaxed. She kind of reminds me of Sophia from the Golden Girls.

Equal parts approachable and fear inducing!

You’re never going to get that out of your head now. You’re welcome.

Now, she doesn’t deny reading his mail. Doesn’t deny sending Kariss (Gavin’s BETROTHED?? I didn’t expect that one. OK.) to checking on Gavin’s son while investigating King Garudul and is giving Gavin the opportunity to bail himself out of trouble because Kariss hasn’t read the note the White gave her before she sent her off to Tyrea.

And a distraction thrown in: an “unusually strong blue wight” moving towards the Blood Forest (Blues are logical. I feel like I’m going to need that, later).

Then she reminds him he’s promised to teach a class of super-violets and he’s not terribly excited about it. So, he bails on it to catch Karris before she leaves.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dizzy!

The next chapter is bouncing back to Kip, so we’ll save him for another entry. I’m going to have to double these up every week to keep from going bananas in the middle, though!