Chapter 4

We’re back to Kip here! He’s made it back to town to warn everyone about the impending doom of an attack from the army sent by the King (remember that? A few chapters back?). He goes straight to Master Danavis, which I find interesting. He doesn’t warn his mother. Or perhaps he’s going to Master Danavis because he’s the first line of defense? Hmmm…

OK, quick recap? Master Danavis is the only one with different colored eyes like Kip. He is one of the people in town taking care of Kip when he’s hungry (again, Mom is a real winner, here?). That’s all we know. Are we good? Cool.


Danavis just put red spectacles on his face. First thought… different because he’s a color wight! This time, Weeks adds that his irises are half-filled with “stark ruby red that marked him a drafter.” He’s also a bit of a ginger with freckles. And he’s showing Kip a hands full of luxin asking if they’re the same color. Can he not see it or is he testing Kip?

His daughter went to the Chromeria to be trained, even Kip can tell he’s Chromeria trained. But he’s refused to apprentice Kip due to lack of work for the future.

We also now know that Tyrea lost the war sixteen years ago and that “everything got bad” after that. *raises her hand* I have questions!

Kip finally gets to tell Danavis about the army coming and he doesn’t question it. He starts asking questions! What’s more, he believes those, too! That says a lot about their relationship, I think. He then immediately sends Kip after his friends at Green Bridge. He says he’ll handle warn everyone in town, and Kip sets out for his friends after handing Kip a purse and telling him to get to the Chromeria, that Liv will help him. He even promises he’ll do his best to save everyone in town, including Kip’s mother.

And then he drops this… “”What’s a superchromat?” to which Danavis replies that it’s a “Pain in my ass.”

Dude. You’re killing me. Parting shots.

*I said I have questions, so…

1- Tyrea lost? If I’m right about what that war was about, was Tyrea backing Gavin’s brother as Prism?

2- If King Garadul is against the Prism, is he against all of them?

Chapter 5

And dancing back to Gavin, now. He’s headed to meet the White on the roof, still concerned about who has read that message about his having a son he didn’t know about. Quick side note, this is the second time he’s considered Karris and her reactions to things. Feels important, particularly since we don’t really know who she is and he spends a lot of time focused on her (“As always, he noticed Karris first.”) Thumbtack in that…

The White is studying Gavin and his ability to feel imbalances in the world’s magic. I do find it kind of funny that she prefers to study him naked when she’s annoyed with him. No reason, just funny. Yeah, I’m a Green, remember?

Now, when Gavin does his thing, he senses a large amount of sub-red in Tyrea. Sub-red, heat and fire, then references it usually meant some kind of war. Unless King Garadul is training battle drafters. It’s interesting how the system self-regulates, too. Also interesting that it didn’t always work and explains why the Prism is such an important part of the system.

And here he is addressing the problem with Gavin and his brother. Orholam (ie, the Creator? a god?) had sent two prisms in one generation when there had only been one before. He says it tore the world apart, but doesn’t say another word about it.

Then he balances the color magic by drafting the opposite colors to balance the ones that were being used excessively in Tyrea (Sub-violet to balance sub-red, red to balance blue, and orange to balance green). Now… let’s get geeky about this for a second. Enter a standard six color color-wheel (it always comes back to a wheel, doesn’t it?).

Now, for those who don’t remember basic art classes, complimentary colors are the ones that are opposite from each other on the color wheel. So, my brow is wrinkled up a bit here. Taking the sub-red and sub-violet out of the equation, because they wouldn’t be on this wheel, let’s look at blue and green. Green’s compliment is red, so why is he using orange to balance it? Blue’s complement is orange, but he uses red to balance it. It’s interesting that the balance is one step to the side of the compliment. Then I stare at the sub-red and sub-violet, where red and violet are right next to each other on the color wheel?

My brain hurts. *tosses the color wheel out the window* I’m going to need someone to draw me a color map of balances here. I mean, dude… there’s a map, why not some voodoo’d color wheel?

ANYWAY, back to the White, who hands Karris a note and puts her on a ship to Tyrea, presumably to figure out why all the sub-red, green and blue are being used. She doesn’t actually say, so I’m just drawing conclusions here.

Then, once Karris is gone, she lays into Gavin about a son. No, that’s all you get there, just her asking him about it. This proves she read the note. Or, that someone did and told her about it. Then, Weeks does it again… parting shot, close the chapter and move on to someone on the other end of the world.

If this keeps up, I’m sending a bill for my blood pressure meds! Cliffhangers and parting shots…