In this week’s blog we see the end of SF Horror month and take a look into our scanners for what is coming in November.

The Game is the Thing

Gaming is a relatively new medium for delivering SF Horror content. Well if you consider thirty+ years or so to be “new”. More than a few table top and video games combine science fiction and horror in their story lines. The table top rpg Eclipse Phase is a more recent example, but one of the best known is Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu. Call of Cthulhu taps into the cosmic horror of HP Lovecraft.

Video games can deliver a great horror experience. One of my favorites was System Shock 2. You should play it with the lights off and your headphones on. That is the best way to get the experience. Another personal favorite is Dead Space, which had a few animated films and a couple sequels.  These few games are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SF Horror games.

Military SF November

One hundred years what can arguably said was the most destructive war in human history ended. Even today the human race is still feeling the effects of The Great War, also known as World War One. War and the effects of war on soldiers and civilians has spawned a great deal of sf literature and entertainment. We will talk about Military SF in November, from many different points of view and with an eye towards treating the subject with the sensitivity it requires.


  • The Ancillary Read Along will be posted as its own blog entry today, but the discussion will still take place on the JordanCon group on Facebook


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