This week we have a fun topic and an update on the Ancillary Justice Read Along. So sit back and get ready SF Horror Month on the Weirdsday Blog!

Let’s Talk Horror and Science Fiction

All this month we will be showcasing Science Fiction that has elements of horror (or vice versa). For week one I want to talk about movies that fit the bill. There are so many good ones, but my own favorite is Alien, the original movie of the franchise. I will be putting up a poll on the Jordancon group to see what other SF Horror movies other folks like.


Why do I love Alien so much? I think it is a number of things, the first of which is the every-man cast of characters that crew the Nostromo. These are a bunch of space truckers or merchant marines who care more about getting their cargo home than they do about being heroes. The alien nature of the creature and how it reproduces is pretty unique. And the creature has character in its design and how it is portrayed. Do you like Alien? Tell us why or why not.

Later this week I will be throwing a poll up on the JordanCon FB group to determine our favorite SF horror movies!

Ancillary Read Along

So this Friday, October 5th we begin the Ancillary Justice read along. This week will just be an introduction to the book, overall impressions, and setting some expectations. The next week, the 12th, will be a discussion of chapters 1 & 2. Every other week (so the 26th) after that we will discuss two more chapters until we get to the end of the book some time in March or early April. So grab a copy and read along!

And that is it for this week. See you next week when we will discuss SF horror literature.

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